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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote The last 3 days of our epic fall adventure were spent at Gilbert Ray Campground where we visited Old Tuscon and Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Video Rating: / 5


  • Stephanie DeWitt 3 weeks ago

    I enjoy your stuff! I too have had some issues with Alltrails. Love the music mix!

  • Jeff Barton 3 weeks ago

    Just came in from packing the van for our camping trip to AZ and watched this. Nice video, got me excited for the trip!

  • Dan Smith 3 weeks ago

    Hi, you mentioned the alltrails app. Can you only follow the trails listed on alltrails? In other words, if you walked off into the desert could you simply see a track of where you have gone in order to get back? I'm thinking not, since you have to download a map of the area first? Thanks.

  • Ron Cleminson 3 weeks ago

    Nice! Thanks for the video! Really enjoy your story’s, production effort.

  • snickersglny 3 weeks ago

    Liking your stuff!

  • Tim Smith 3 weeks ago

    Did you guys get the KO2's for the trip or still undecided?

  • Donald L Cates 3 weeks ago

    Beautiful, Beautiful, Arizona is my home state. So glad you shared part of your trip.

  • ranTrek 3 weeks ago

    I forgot how much I enjoyed Old Tuscon thanks for the reminder! If I had a vote I'd say lose the music…

  • Jim Brown 3 weeks ago

    Love it! Classy choice of music. MOST uncopyrighted music on YouTube is SO bad. I liked the opening Kool & The Gang SOUNDING song. And the banjo laden stuff through Old Tucson!

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