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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Join Carter as he gets to hand-feed his all time favorite animal: the giraffe! The Living Desert Zoo & Gardens in Palm Desert, CA lets you feed the giraffes for per person, or if you are a member. Remember to #standtallforgiraffe and #savethegiraffe #yearofthegiraffe Music- Savannah (Sketch) by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Video Rating: / 5


  • George Alachniewicz 5 months ago

    Looks like a great outing. I want to do this…

  • Mucky Toys & Games 5 months ago

    What a wonderful experience! Luca loves giraffes too! This zoo looks amazing! Love that you can get so close to the giraffes! So incredible!

  • MomofPrincesses 5 months ago

    Wow so cool!! Every time we go to the zoo, Giraffes are a must see!! Thanks for giving us some amazing facts 🙂

  • Mark Out Loud 5 months ago

    can't believe i missed this one…i love the giraffes! always spent time with them at san diego zoo! love the background music too! 🙂 preston feeding the baby giraffe is just too cool! love how i always learn cool stuff from your videos!!!! 🙂 thanks! #standtallforgiraffe

  • rickyanddominic 5 months ago

    Haha we did this too loved it

  • Kids Channel Toys 5 months ago

    nice video…I like your channel .. come and support my channel … do not forget the bell!! 505

  • Arias Antics 5 months ago

    Awesome Friends, We fed giraffes last year ! such a great experience xxx

  • Being Shane 5 months ago

    That was cute, we love giraffes too but we've never been that close! You're lucky you both got to feed the mom and baby! well done!

  • Julius and Crew 5 months ago

    What a memory to have!!! My kiddos fed a giraffe before and the excitiment on their faces is something I’ll never forget 🙂

  • Nilah's Toy Adventure 5 months ago

    How fun!! Our local zoo just started the feed the giraffes program not very long ago, so I'm excited to do that this summer!! New subscriber #498 🙂

  • Super Surprise 5 months ago

    it's nice video! pushed the red button 4 9 7
    hope you enjoy&support my channel as well, thanks! 🙂

  • Mandy and Bella Family 5 months ago

    this is too cute..great close encounter with giraffe. I never realize how cute giraffe is not until i watched this video 🙂 thumbs up 13

  • Nikki Lopez 5 months ago

    What really???? I'm going to Palm Desert in like a week for work and bringing the kids. HOW COOL. I'm so doing this!!

  • Alberto Mendoza 5 months ago

    Interesting giraffes facts. Their tongues are huge! hand feeding them looks like a great experience

  • Ella in Wanderlust 5 months ago

    What an amazing experience! The giraffes look so cute. It must feel great to be able to hand-feed them 🙂 I loved all the facts about the giraffes in this. They have long tongues!

  • Sally Akins 5 months ago

    Oh my goodness, I love giraffes, and the baby is so gorgeous!!

  • Erica Sari-sari 5 months ago

    #standtallforgiraffe The giraffe has a long tongue and looks so gentle. Baby giraffe is so cute! Do you like carrots? "Learn something new every day"

  • JCTV - Our Family Adventure 5 months ago

    So awesome! We've been wanting to go there, looks so cool. Love the new slogan.

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