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  • Jack Friesner 1 year ago

    In case someone hasn't told you… adding spinach makes it "Eggs Florentine", so your breakfast was fancy as shit!

  • pokketjokers 1 year ago

    reminds me of the Dirk Diggler rant in Boogie Nights

  • 9Greyskies 1 year ago

    Try some butter on the fish wit dat seasoning yo

  • 9Greyskies 1 year ago

    Turn it all off and get lots of sleep. Exercise should help you sleep better. Don't drink coffee after 5 pm yo

  • 9Greyskies 1 year ago

    Yo Troop, you's not a chef but you're food looks purty dang good mayne. You's inspirational ol' boy

  • Alex Krumrai 1 year ago

    Boski's montage about your "steak" vs his "steak" was utterly hilarious…..if you don't want to get trolled don't be an idiot lmao

  • Alex Krumrai 1 year ago

    I really don't think anybody is jealous of a middle aged "single" male who plays poker "full time" at the lowest stake available and then promotes a "go gamble" lifestyle lmao…..bro you play 1/2 for a living NOBODY'S JEALOUS…..good god what an easy cop out….you seem extremely lonely and I feel bad for you…..this "im the boss of me" shtick is getting old and stale……your a bum whos been doing this for years and only have 30k subs…NEEME's done this for 1 year and has over 100k views, plays meaningful stakes and is traveling the world while we watch you hang out in your apartment….cmon man

  • Ronnie Bizzle TV 1 year ago

    F the haters, trooper. Keep doing your thing

  • Dean Wilson 1 year ago

    Haven't watched you in a while bud as the merchandise hat delivery began to annoy me.

    But you popped up today after neeme and was great to revisit your vlog. May just binge watch last few months tonight. All the best bud

  • TheParkman69 1 year ago

    Coffee gut.

  • Danny Burleigh 1 year ago

    YEAH cooking fish wrong = DOA Jack!!!!

  • Danny Burleigh 1 year ago

    (((( I have new Videos up! ))))

  • Danny Burleigh 1 year ago

    They can't take it away from you TROOPER!! = No Worries ! YOU Rock & they sv<k C***!!,,,,,,,,,lol

  • fredrick gallaschun 1 year ago

    Saw a video on another site. I just laugh because so how low they are on the picking order. Love you that your leading the life and dream. I love the shoots is Vegas and music on the streets. Love that your using the book just like the tourist do on the trip out great to teach them how to get the best value. GO GAMBLE.

  • Qtr2Six Vegas 1 year ago

    It's not the carbs.

  • Bill Andrade 1 year ago

    Been a sub for a while good job on the lifestyle changes. Its all about being aware of the areas in your life that you want to improve on. You certainly do things your way and Frank Sinatra would even tilt you a nod of approval. Just keep doing your thing and to hell with the haters. They aint helping they're just hateful punks. Keep up the good content.

  • Ibetiwon 1 year ago

    You look bright eyed and bushy tailed. Low carbs you will drop 20 quick.

  • Ibetiwon 1 year ago

    Forget that guy, hes a pompass dope. Luv ya Troop!

  • Brandi P 1 year ago

    $4 is better than $0. Lol

  • J Fleming 1 year ago

    Love ya troop awesome vlogging!

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