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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This week you and I are talking a walk around the Glass Houses of the Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland. Glass Houses: *** Please support my Patreon *** *** Shop *** Handmade watercolor paints & original artworks + Redbubble: *** My Amazon Wishlist *** + *** Connect with Me *** + Twitter: + Instagram: + Facebook: *** My PO Box *** Oto Kano PO Box 24120 Edinburgh EH7 9FB United Kingdom


  • TheYellowsun76 1 week ago

    So beautiful!! Loved meeting Marley<3

  • Julie 1 week ago

    Oto, you make the best videos! So relaxing to watch. Have you ever thought about doing Marley in watercolor ?
    Thanks for all the wonderful content.

  • Carolyn Rhodes 1 week ago

    Thank you so much for this beautifully done video!

  • Whippo Morpha 1 week ago

    I keep wanting to go to the glass houses and something comes up every time. I AM going to go this month.

  • amiciaN 1 week ago

    Such a lovely relaxing video Dr. Oto, thank you so much for sharing this fantastical place with us. And of course Marley. What a little charmer. As to your query, "what is this?", may I suggest some variety of anthurium (there are over 1000)? My grandmother loved the red ones and the shape looks so familiar.

    Again thank you for the lovely virtual stroll. Well done

  • Jodi Higgins 1 week ago

    Wow! Beautiful. What an amazing place! Thank you for the video. So much color, texture, and light. So much inspiration.

  • theJOYdecision 1 week ago

    Oh it looked heavenly! I want to curl up on one of the lily pads. The fernery really reminded me of New Zealand. Give Marley a big hug from me when you see him next.

  • Sharon Nolfi 1 week ago

    The Glass Houses and their plants are amazing! I love botanical gardens and would certainly visit this one in Edinburgh.

  • Jen’s Wild about art 1 week ago

    it looks incredible , beautiful garden ! and what a gorgeous little cat , its so lovely that he's being taken care of
    and you go to give him attention

  • blue morpho 1 week ago

    So beautiful! What a treat! I would go just to see Marley.

  • Jill Wiswall 1 week ago

    Wow! Absolutely beautiful!

  • Penholder Art 1 week ago

    miss it so much, Marley looks so cute!

  • Josephine Robertson 1 week ago

    I love those glass houses. 🙂 Like a tropical oasis in the middle of the city.

  • Vomica Dea25 1 week ago

    So beautiful

  • The Real Mythril 1 week ago

    I love the botanic gardens. I spend very many happy times there as a kid, throwing pennies on the the lily pads (which they stopped doing about 20 years ago now!) and climbing up the rockery to the Japanese gardens. It’s nice to see that the koi pond is still there too. When I was a youngster they had a tabby cat that was their unofficial resident! I had a little ritual of bringing peanuts to feed the squirrels, until one day a squirrel mistook the tip of my little finger for a peanut! From that point on they were fed from a distance!!!! I used to love playing hide and seek under the big willow, holly bushes and giant rhododendron bushes! I remember that the W.C.s on in the middle of the gardens used to have funny little metal soap dispensers that were shaped like rounder vinegar bottles, that you had to tip upside down to get the soap out, but that was over 30 years ago! I’ll stop giving away my age now and wish you more pleasurable wanders! Stay safe and dry with all this thunder and lightning!

  • Lindy Ashford 1 week ago

    Lovely gardens. Our closest one got wrecked in a rare tornado some years ago. In Birmingham! There is another one further away, must visit, but it isn't like this one, which really reminds me of the one we lost. Marley is obviously a cat who has seen a lot. Great video. Thanks.

  • Rory 1 week ago

    Wow! So beautiful! What a wonderful resource to have right where you live. Those giant lily pads don't look real; they're like something out of a fantasy movie. Marley is the perfect ambassador; friendly and charming. I hope the staff feed him well. Thanks for these videos, I love seeing all of these places as I don't think I'll get to travel much anymore.

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