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In this video, I travel into the incredible gobi desert. Landscape photography in the Gobi desert is abstract heaven for those photographers looking for something a bit out of the norm and into the realm of fine art. On this trip I travelled with
Juanli Sun http://availablelightimages.com/silk-road-desert/
Alister Benn https://www.alisterbenn.com/
Timm Chapman www.timmchapman.com
Kent Burkhardsmeier www.kjbimages.com
my lovely partner Karin Badel.

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Vlogging Gear

Canon M50 https://geni.us/BkM16
DJI Osmo https://geni.us/HLKUdzx
PolarPro Gimbal Lock for DJI Osmo Pocket https://geni.us/yYiA
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GOBI Desert | A LANDSCAPE Photography Adventure

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