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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] **Gobi **desert anyone? 3 spots left… Northern Spain with Alister Benn Faroe Islands with Gavin Hardcastle Expedition of a lifetime in Greenland Alister Benn on YouTube Breakthrough Photography Filters at New Tripods by the folks at Breakthrough, check them out Colorado Tripod Company My Website In this video, I travel into the incredible gobi desert. Landscape photography in the Gobi desert is abstract heaven for those photographers looking for something a bit out of the norm and into the realm of fine art. On this trip I travelled with Juanli Sun Alister Benn Timm Chapman Kent Burkhardsmeier my lovely partner Karin Badel. All the great music that I use Thanks to the folks at Vallerret for supplying great gloves to help keep my hand’s toasty warm affiliate link… Breakthrough Photography has been very kind in supporting my photography and lucky for me Breakthrough make some of the best filters currently on the market. For more info be sure to check out Breakthrough at The following list of gear is by no means conclusive and varies depending on the outing that I’m on. The links that follow each of the items are affiliate links that will take you to Amazon or subsequent supplier who I am affiliated with. As an affiliate I make a small 3% – 8% commission for any item purchased. Nikon D850 Nikon 16-35mm f4 lens Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 lens Nikon 24-120mm f/4.0 Nikon 70-200mm f/4.0 Nikon 200mm micro f/4.0 Nikon 200-500mm f/5.6 Universal Tripod L Bracket Vallerret Photography Gloves… Breakthrough X4 Circular Polarizer Breakthrough X4 10 Stop ND Breakthrough X4 Dark Circular Polarizer Breakthrough X4 2 stop 100 […]


  • Rudi Venter 5 months ago

    Absolutely stunning Adam! Just discovered your work and i love it! You inspire me to grab my equipment and head out into the wild, thanks!

  • Wandering Sole Images 5 months ago

    Incredible work Adam! I really enjoyed watching this. Greetings from Squamish!

  • David Glazebrook 5 months ago

    The image sequence starting at 13.50 and onwards is stellar. Congrats on creating such a beautiful selection of work.

  • New subscriber. Really lovely images, looks like it was a great trip. I remember going through the Gobi on the Trans Siberian Railway to Beijing years ago. What time of year did you go? Does the sand play havoc on your lenses?

  • Gayle Ruble 5 months ago

    It’s uncharacteristic of me not to watch every video you produce. I confess that I didn’t think these desert images would interest me that much…man was I wrong.! You hooked me with these abstract images!

  • Diane Noles 5 months ago

    Outstanding photography.

  • Greg C 5 months ago

    Nice spot. Kept watching waiting for the surf, in Australia we just call that a beach. LOL.

  • Joshua Fagans 5 months ago

    Simply stunning. I really love the dune abstracts and thank you (again) for your amazing content!

  • Allan Davies 5 months ago

    Hello Adam, I always love your vlogs and especially this one. I could hear in your voice how much chilled out you were and relaxed. Your comments and images are always amazing. And I often say I hang on your every word. Personally, for me, your vlogs are stronger and with more content when you are on your own. I thank you for sharing as always and look forward to the next episode of the Gobi Desert…

  • keenzo mamanzo 5 months ago

    superb Adam, .its funny watching this and the other Chinese trip compared to Vancouver island with the Yorkshire Tripper,

  • DanielPDoyle 5 months ago

    Pure dead brilliant beautiful images Adam, the shot at 5.11 into the video is stunning the smooth detail, sharp contrast and shading are so well matched

  • PAUL WAYMAN 5 months ago

    Great video Adam.
    Those abstract images are simply stunning. I was going to mention particular ones, and their time locations throughout the video, but there are so many, that i've just given up.
    I'd really like to see a video of how you've processed some of these in LR.
    More awards coming your way me thinks.

  • Michael Shainblum 5 months ago

    Seriously stunning work Adam!

  • Rasesh Patel 5 months ago

    Amazing compositions, great images and wonderful location. Good job Adam. As always you nailed it man.

  • Steve Matadobra 5 months ago

    damn great pics……I have that same 200-500 lens…love it. Never thought to use it for landscape….the image with the sunset and the dunes (8:19 of the video), did you expose for sky (highlights)? Love the image.

  • Michael Corrigan 5 months ago

    Lovely work, looking forward to ur next vlog

  • Todd Dominey 5 months ago

    Great work Adam. Especially appreciated your personal thoughts about spirituality and relationships. The image at 14:30 is stunning.

  • PeterLariviere1 5 months ago

    Wow, Wow, Wow…did I say Wow. Just stunning.

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