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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Gold panning Arizona deserts . the plan was to do some dry washing with the keene 140 but ended up only panning ..still had a good day Prospecting for placer gold is normally done with a gold pan or similar instrument to wash free gold particles from loose surface sediment.[1] The use of gold pans is centuries old, but is still common among prospectors and miners with little financial backing. Deeper placer deposits may be sampled by trenching or drilling.[2] Geophysical methods such as seismic, gravity or magnetics may be used to locate buried river channels that are likely locations for placer gold.[3] Sampling and assaying a placer gold deposit to determine its economic viability is subject to many pitfalls.[4] Once placer gold is discovered, the gold pan is usually replaced by sluices or mechanical devices to wash greater volumes of material. Discovery of placer gold has often resulted in discovery of hardrock gold deposits when the placers are traced to their source Prospectors for hardrock, or lode gold deposits, can use many tools. It is done at the simplest level by surface examination of rock outcrops, looking for exposures of mineral veins, hydrothermal alteration, or rock types known to host gold deposits. Field tools may be nothing more than a rock hammer and hand lens. Hardrock gold deposits are more varied in mineralogy and geology than placer deposits, and prospecting methods can be very different for different types of deposits. As with placer gold, the sophistication of methods used to prospect for hardrock gold vary with the financial resources of the prospector. Drilling is often used to explore the subsurface. Surface geophysical methods may be used to locate geophysical anomalies associated with gold deposits. Samples of rocks or soil may be collected […]


  • John Behmer 3 years ago

    Love your enthusiasm keep up the good work

  • chaba72 3 years ago

    I'll tell you the same thing I told other people, the desert is big , but some people like you, think it's not bog enough for 2 people. keeping location secret… it's not really a secret they are 1000's of locations in Arizona and the Nevada desert for drywashing.

  • Vicious Digging Hard For gold 3 years ago

    nice gold just panning

  • Jeffrey Harris 3 years ago

    Pretty good results just panning.

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