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  • Mickey Mouse 1 year ago

    Home depot has great products but customer service have no idea what products r for or there use for it . I think i have a better chance at working there n knowing how most products work . Yesterday i was at Glendale home depot store n the cashier forgot to charge me an $18.00 product lol!!!

  • jaskiratbaidwan 1 year ago
  • NatashaNogoodnik 1 year ago

    Too much jumping around from scene to scene.

  • Kelsey Miller 1 year ago
  • Joey Stickfigure 1 year ago

    Lame Home Depot Ad, don't watch!

  • Tami Grant 1 year ago

    Wow…backyard turned out awesome!!!  Congrats on your dream outdoor space!!!!

  • Betty Ann kellaway Kellaway 1 year ago
  • Joel Nunez 1 year ago
  • Rose Blake 1 year ago

    Your transformation is wonderful. However, it would be nice to show step by step…..

  • 0LucyC0 1 year ago

    Now this is the question= how much on total did you spend to do your whole back yard including furniture?

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