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  • Vince Vic 5 months ago

    whats them things he's putting on the top of the plant?

  • Denise Irizarry 5 months ago

    Please explain what you’re doing?

  • Deemed Unfit 5 months ago

    Why do this?? And, what do u do with the tops that u cut off?

  • zach olson 5 months ago

    are you on Instagram?

  • Yolanda Lopez 5 months ago

    I loved but I'm afraid of killing them!

  • Elijah Robertson 5 months ago

    It's a bipod. Awesome videos. Thanks for the love!

  • Farrin Tamaddon 5 months ago

    Please tell us what you are doing!!!!! what are dipping to the cutting ???

  • Branden Byrd 5 months ago

    Hi cool video,
    can you cut half of a cacti to graft on top. Or even 25% of a cacti and have a successful graph? Or does it always have to be 100% circular cacti to work properly.
    Thanks !

  • Barbasol Boi 5 months ago

    What’s up with the the fish eye lends

  • Pierre-Francesco Costa 5 months ago

    Can this be done with any 2 kinds of cactus?

  • PopeeFrog 5 months ago

    Wow great video but screwed up with crappy tripod and knife. Need more video please

  • Samy Perfex 5 months ago

    Do you get 100% succes for your grafts?

  • Ibo Can 5 months ago

    What is this powder ?

  • Carla Fraga 5 months ago

    great idea these socks!!! tku!!!

  • 19grand 5 months ago

    What's the powder?

  • did you put them in a high humidity environment or leave them out in the open when they were waiting to take?

  • Juanito Gemang 5 months ago

    How I love to try grafting but I'm afraid if it went wrong hehehe

  • You Exist 5 months ago

    I'm stoked I found your vids. Amazing stuff! Thank you 🙂

  • Molly Cher 5 months ago

    You grafted 7 but I saw a whole lot of grafted ones behind you towards the end of the video. I might give grafting a try one of these days but I'm sure it would just about kill me to cut of my cacti. How long after grafting would you water them? Also, I kind of miss hearing your daughter calling, "daddy this" and "daddy that".

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