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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote The California drought has caused many residents to rethink their water use. To help conserve water, some Los Angeles County residents are taking advantage of a rebate program that allows them to convert their lawns to a landscape that requires little to no watering, virtually for free

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  • jesu kristo 4 years ago

    if you dont grass d
    then dont water but dont put gravel it sucks trust me or just put asphalt or concrete gravel is so hard to clean.?

  • jesu kristo 4 years ago

    gravel is the worst idea ever. it is so hard to walk on with bare feet mulch is better in my opinion.?

  • Seriy S 4 years ago

    There is no drought in California. In Sierra California and Nevada almost every day raining and snowing include some area flood in 2015 summer time. All Folsom lake draining in the ocean, I ask Water district why? He don't give me any answers for my question. I know why Folsom draining in the ocean, because they rebuild Folsom dam. No one can't build any dam if Folsom lake will be full of water, but they keep in secret because sacramento nations can claim lawsuit and will start protest against our government.?

  • lifehappens352 4 years ago

    cool when animal ag and corporate water consumption is the real culprit using about 97 percent of the water, tear out the plants from residential areas that maybe use a percent of a percent but produce oxygen and other factors for health. Good job at logic and rational intelligence. Its doing cpr on someone thats been shot directly by a warhead. With this logic if my car every gets totaled out in a crash I should just see if I can buff out the damage w a little wax and a towel.?

  • Genesis 4 years ago

    In the Netherlands people use an average of 130 Liters per day, our southern neighbours (Belgium) 128 Liters. Californians use an astounding 600+ per day!
    Having nice green lawns when the climate isn't suited for it… Every home has a swimming pool… And all the weed growers that consume so much water…
    And ofc overpopulation……fucking yanks.?

  • J'zargo 4 years ago

    Lawns are stupid anyway. That boring green and all that watering and mowing. What's the point??

  • Nerfin Merfitt 4 years ago


  • Rand Huso 4 years ago

    Better solution would be people-less suburbs.?

  • weera warakul 4 years ago

    meanwhile there's a flood in Texas?

  • ClockCutter 4 years ago

    Los Angeles is not a desert. Stop it.?

  • austin sullivan 4 years ago

    I wonder what the [incentive] for this program is? Yes conserving water is important anywhere but there's something not being said in this video about why the sudden popularity of these [rock gardens]. You didnt have to take out the grass..just don't water it as often. The lack of intelligence is found the world over but some places [such as ca.] it is in overabundance./?

  • Karleen L. 4 years ago


  • Luis Porras 4 years ago

    Oh oh…get out the street before you get shot…?

  • jaspertaawesome 4 years ago

    Here in England I like to fill up my swimming Pool and then just let the water run out over my grass?

  • CloudchaserShaconag 4 years ago

    One guy near where I grew up in northeast Alabama went to gravel for his lawn so he wouldn't have to mow it?

  • pen mightygun 4 years ago

    call me fucking stupid but wouldnt the best possible choice be white rock to keep the soil about the house cool? screw the landscaping just drops the property value because it looks like a junk yard.?

  • Vanger48912 4 years ago

    I'd just move to another state.?

  • quest 34667 4 years ago


  • DrZeeebra 4 years ago

    Astroturfing for climatechange… grab you bumpersticker now!?