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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote “A short film on turning around worst case scenarios of soil in the world, turning them into a (mycelium-rich) garden. The heavily salty desert around the even more heavily salty Dead Sea in Jordan becomes a garden–without pumping in extra water or artificial fertilizer/herbicides. “We could green the entire Middle East in this way,” Geoff Lawton says in the film. Permaculturist Lawton notes that nearby degradative and self-destructive farms burn away the secret that could save their soil. The degradative farms burned off so-called ‘waste from agriculture’ and turned it into easily erodible and easily-lost ash because they were ignorant of what to do with it. For the permaculturist, these so-labeled wastes were a key feature of creating their oasis of desalinated soil in the desert, without adding any water artificially and just working with what they had to create solutions for everything. If you can green the Middle East in two years without synthetics and without working with expensive high-tech issues, it is truly miraculous.” Quoted from: Presented under Fair Use for educational purposes only. All rights preserved with the originators. Video Rating: / 5 John from goes on a field trip to a FrontYard and Back Yard Garden in Las Vegas to show you the varieties of Vegetables that are growing through the winter time. In this episode you will learn how you can open your front door to food by growing food in place of your front lawn. In addition, you will learn about many of the varieties of vegetables you can grow during the fall and winter in Las Vegas and similiar climates. To visit Leslie’s channel visit: Video Rating: / 5


  • Marlene Ansley 4 years ago

    This is wonderful, with the drought in California, I think California could learn from this. I hope this continues to be successful!

  • Mike Ramos 4 years ago

    That is why places like the Fertile Crescent are slowly becoming less fertile lands.

  • Mike Ramos 4 years ago

    Large agricultural companies are erasing the ancient traditions of farming in which soil fertility is built over time.

  • Ahmed Hussam 4 years ago

    Arabs are living in the deserts from thousands of years, and they developed many ways to agricultural the desert, irrigation, building houses, … and there are many examples of that, Petra is one of these desert civilizations examples

  • jajajah86 4 years ago

    Why isn't it implemented everywhere in the world? In my homeland, Hungary experts say that "modern" agriculture is depleting the minerals from the soil so fast that in 60 years even with the heavy use of fertilizers it is not going to be able to sustain plants. I bet it's like this everywhere where industrial agriculture is prevalent.

  • DjErrWerr 4 years ago

    Could this help the terrible CA drought?

  • PDuffy1337 4 years ago

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  • Craig Horton 4 years ago

    Wow John! Here in Quebec Canada there is 5 feet of snow that time of year! I have to say I'm a bit jealous

  • PDuffy1337 4 years ago

    and factual !! 🙂

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  • PDuffy1337 4 years ago

    John….. man, you fuckin rock, I watched a few of your videos and thought WOW, this guy is nuckin futs…so full of energy and such a love for greens its gotta be a show…but the more and more I watched your videos the more and more your energy infected me. I know I'm commenting on an old video, but who cares, this message is to let you know that you ROCK!! LOVE the energy, and have planted a full out backyard garden, time to look at the front now….thanks for helping me eat better.

  • Austin Long 4 years ago

    Hey john, you have been a huge inspiration for me to grow my own food. I am very thankful for all the videos you post FOR FREE! not many people have the integrity to just post all this information for free. So thank you! anyhow i have a question about the kale in this video. I am growing Lacinato kale here in Tampa, FL and its about half the size as the kale in this video.the kale is doing well but wont get any bigger than about 6" for each leaf. any tips? could it be the compost or the seeds?

  • corporatejungles 4 years ago

    Hey john, do you have any good recipies to those veggies you grow? Instead of just juicing everything? Breads, soups, etc. You need to do a show on how to cook those things.

  • corporatejungles 4 years ago

    I'm determined to watch all your videos by spring.

  • 57924hv 4 years ago

    Awww I need a video like this for growing in Idaho.

  • Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens 4 years ago

    YES. For best results, plant starts.

  • ToriMichele Morris 4 years ago

    John, im in the SF bay area. Can I start my greens now? Late Dec? Thanks, love ur vids!!

  • Michael Wang 4 years ago

    that is awesome that you went to Leslie Doyle's place. I have her little guide, and it is a nice quick reference for many things. I particularly like her calendar of what I can plant in Vegas and when.

  • Nameless958 4 years ago

    I have a question. I am starting up a hydroponic systems and did some researching as to how to start the seeds. I came across a few tutorials that mentioned when you plant seeds, you should plant multiple seeds together (plant 2 – 4 fruiting plant seeds together and 6 – 8 herb plant seeds together) while a few other said others wise. Should I be planting multiple seeds in one hole at a time or should I only be trying to grow one at a time?

  • FiveHeartsTV 4 years ago

    Awesome! I'm in Vegas too – I'll have to swing by to check out the test garden and pick up some of that soil.

  • Debbie Kleven 4 years ago

    hmmmm. won't let me upload the link. It's at Grow Your Revolution. It's the zeolite blog. crucial info for detoxing garden. In joy!

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