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  • Sandra 1 year ago

    thank you vigan for this video is fantastic ..i will see the website for sure he has so good ideas ,and i love the idea he is in phoenix.

  • Bean David 1 year ago

    how does he get the boxes to adhere to the wall….these are so cool.

  • imathayne 1 year ago

    Looks like a good place for some yu choy sum. Asian greens are great for these kinds of smaller planters and much better than lettuce I think.

  • Dane Hartwell 1 year ago

    the dude use to siphon gas form the neighbors car hahahahahaha

  • Händer Duarte 1 year ago

    I don't understand very well the English. Could you explain me how do the wooden structures fit on the wall ? And how could we create this kind of structure without touching the wall ?
    Thank you !

  • sdq sdq 1 year ago

    who would tag a living wall , even a tagger appreciate it

  • Dusty Stahn 1 year ago

    Vertical gardening has been around for centuries. This system is expensive. There are many inexpensive systems that are just as effective.

  • David Ranalli - Magician & Corporate Entertainer 1 year ago

    This guy was awesome! Lot's of great ideas.

  • justin taylor 1 year ago

    @elks13 more planters clink link in carpentersson planters

  • Jeremy Todd 1 year ago

    oh dang his stuff is so expensive. I was not expecting that. Love your stuff Jake but this might be out of my price range.

  • CreativeGrammie 1 year ago

    Love your ideas of planting on the outside along your wall so people passing by can see it. I heard you mention chicken coupes for more chickens. Is there a limitation to the quantity of chickens you're allowed? Here in Hawaii, we have a limit, though we did go over.

  • Holy Trash 1 year ago

    Imagine if everyone did stuff like this

  • Dipak Raikar 1 year ago

    Universe comes back and conspires and comes to HELP you…… (So True)

  • paul wyleciol 1 year ago

    at 04:37 he speaks about this plant, I cannot find it, and I do not know how to write it? Can somebody help me, please?
    abasote ? albasoty ? abbasoti ???? no related google matches ;-(

  • Tony Kaye 1 year ago

    Haha great light in winter for growing. Sounds so weird here in Saskatoon!

  • EmileeArsenic 1 year ago

    Chocolate mint is good for mint tea, though. I grow it and just put it in filtered water in the fridge over night. So good.

  • lilmerc007 1 year ago

    America needs to make time to do this. Trade things with neighbors. Become not so dependent on Monsanto.

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