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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This is a process that took about 1.5 months to film. I started this while I was on a business trip in Elk Grove California. I happend to stop in on a Vietna…

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  • High Desert Garden 5 years ago

    +MK L I changed the paper towel if there was any discoloration. Typically,
    some small brown spots start to form on the paper towel. When that happens,
    I change it.?

  • High Desert Garden 5 years ago

    Kumquat trees are the best?

  • idontgiveafuckaboutyourwaroryourpresident 5 years ago

    Thanks!! omg I am so obsessed with them…Just bought some yesterday,
    wasn’t expecting they’d be there at the Asian market, I ve never seen them
    before there!

    I have this very intensely clear memory of being about 5 and picking
    kumquats with my mom from my next door neighbor’s yard in Florida. It was
    so different from all my other memories, since I moved to Queens when I was

    I remember reaching out to the glossy green leaves, and the smell and the
    sweet rind and the explosion of sour flesh in my mouth. So intensely. It
    came flooding back even more clearly when I bit into one yesterday for the
    first time. They are a reminder of a special time in an otherwise
    miserable, cold, superficial and lonely life. ?

  • SteNun 5 years ago

    how much water i should put when i put it in the dirt? and what time i
    should put the water +High Desert Garden ??

  • Adam Nuth 5 years ago

    How long will kumquat grow??

  • How often did you change the paper towels or kleenex to prevent Bacteria or
    mold spots???

  • Soy Mosquito 5 years ago

    Do you have any picture of that kumquat??

  • Draunamou/Aka Penguinsrock124 5 years ago


  • High Desert Garden 5 years ago

    This video takes you on my journey of growing a kumquat tree.?