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  • uncle_creepy27 2 weeks ago

    anybody ever try to do scottys facial expressions after he makes a point? its quite fun. i try to imagine that im trying to smell a fart. 🙂

  • OG Steele 2 weeks ago

    QB 324

  • MostlyWeed 2 weeks ago

    You can also use led strips like Samsung F series 3000k. Or h_influx. These use the same LEDS as Quantum boards.

  • MostlyWeed 2 weeks ago

    There's commercial washing products. Washing dried bud results in the cleanest end product.

  • Ross McCulloch 2 weeks ago

    Dgc I am growing autos in 5 gal pots 3 inches Michigan mix on bottom and sides then happy frog in middle for early growth just watering every two or three days water water water then Ez-tea with recharge and mammoth p the girls are loving it

  • w calhoun 2 weeks ago

    i'm here in Michigan & totally down for a 710 cup

  • the key with PM is dont get it… silica + cal mag are your friends.

  • Terry cobb 2 weeks ago

    I dont use commercial pesticides. The only time Ive ever had bugs is when I've bought clones or Foxfarm dirt. Then I make my bug spray. Tspn lemon, dollip lemon dish soap, tspn mouth wash, make a tea of garlic cloves and a very hot pepper strain use that water in a quart spray bottle. Switched to biobizz soil and coco coir. Using a very cool seed bank overseas called seeds as low as $5 under the company brand name but they carry all popular names except Mephisto.

  • GBAUTO 2 weeks ago

    When I built my fixtures, I added a secondary driver for about 10% of the fixture wattage to run some 660nm xp-e starboards I sourced from Rapidled. I run them during flower or if I need to get the plant to stretch a bit.

  • Brett Drinkwater 2 weeks ago

    Apple cider vinegar. This is an old but effective way to combat powdery mildew. Mix 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar (organic is best) per quart of clean water. Then spray the mixture onto your plants to help prevent or kill powdery mildew.

  • fistfulla nuggz 2 weeks ago

    I actually just got a mass medical strains supplemental kit in the mail today from rapid led. Pretty stoked to put them together. It will give me emerson effect plus uv and infrared light. Bought 2 4 foot heatsinks and im gonna put them on either side of my hlg 550.

  • Victor Serge 2 weeks ago

    For pm in flower spot treat with green cute (potassium bicarb)

  • Victor Serge 2 weeks ago

    Scotty use that vital earth glacial rock , use azomite , and use a basalt based dust as well as Dolomite lime to get the Densies

  • sk8tyrant 2 weeks ago

    Im trying to ignore but Scotty's non stop attempts to create a catch phrase is annoying as shit. Maaaaan, yeaaaaaa!

  • DTOM420 2 weeks ago

    Hate to disagree with Guru but you can save around $300 building an HLG based kit, available directly from HLG as well as All you need comes in 1 box. Takes about 1.5-2 hours to put together if you have the right instructions. I’m getting ready to post my builds just to make it easier for folks. It took me about 4 hours the first time but I had to redo stuff like 3 times because I didn’t have great instructions. Anyway, $300 is a LOT of money to me. Maybe when sponsors donate lights it’s easier to order one than build one but that’s not my situation. Plus, my 600H kit puts out more light than the 550 so, really, I saved more than $300 because I got more light. Just FYI.

    Still love ya Guru! thumb up

  • VinVonAly by Michele 2 weeks ago

    Love the flip, tfs!

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