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  • ECO -FLOCK 3 weeks ago

    32:06 all he needs is a octopot…
    The best pots you can buy…

  • EC Guerrilla 3 weeks ago

    Lmao Scotty "its gonna raise some suspicions, Ive tried it before" love you man lol

  • dank genetics 3 weeks ago

    Someone show me some luven and send me some dank seeds down under willing to pay but shouldn't have to the grow community should help one another p.m me at

  • Julian Kirby 3 weeks ago

    If y’all want to grow some easy to grow stuff, the 88 g13 hashplant hybrids available from many companies are where its at.

  • I Own Me - You Own You 3 weeks ago

    TIL Heavy Metal was more than just a computer game.

  • Dean Thornby 3 weeks ago

    Aaarrrrrrr the old shipping container dream … we all have em

  • #ineedrealtruth O.G. 3 weeks ago

    I'm loving the hat u guys sell

  • Reston Turns 3 weeks ago

    Clever girl is just a name you should keep in mind…

  • Reston Turns 3 weeks ago

    Clever Girl here super glad on the shout out you guys are my heroes

  • 2xTrey 3 weeks ago

    3rd shout out lol…thanks Dude, for recognition for our inputs that help the community grow..

  • The Smoking Frogs Dimitri 3 weeks ago

    Great Vid. Thanks

  • The Smoking Frogs Dimitri 3 weeks ago

    Thank You For Your Time

  • The Smoking Frogs Dimitri 3 weeks ago

    Hi Man

  • Harley Grower 3 weeks ago

    We built a home out of a shipping container at GM Detroit/Hamtramck Assembly as part of an Urban Green type initiative. Went along with the Volt I think

  • JJ Johnson 3 weeks ago

    Hey Dude, Scotty and Guru check this video out, it's pretty cool.

  • OG Steele 3 weeks ago

    Burying a shipping container is no small job. You'll probably need an electrical pole nearby, and a hillside, and privacy, etc. It would be pretty dope.

  • 808jakey 3 weeks ago

    Thanks dgc again on the collab about "explanation" yeah that heavy strip was part i had soo many fan leafs that were stretchy and kept blocking others and my uncle said it was alright so i was like alright experiment time

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