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  • Hellinas Mac 9 months ago

    Compost pit !!!!!

  • Barbra's Garden 9 months ago


  • Tarquin Bristow 9 months ago

    Someone else proud of their rampant multinational tomato wilderness.. can you imagine the smell though, walking through there and then plucking, then biting into whichever glistening orb catches your fancy.

  • Lorene Miller 9 months ago

    What part of AZ?

  • Lorene Miller 9 months ago

    When did you plant them and how deep was the pit?

  • a0667318 9 months ago

    I thought that was a pumpkin.

  • Shane Wikfors 9 months ago

    Did you do anything with the soil? Use a good Cal-Mg treatment?

  • Patricia Sias 9 months ago

    you have a pasta sauce heaven in that pit

  • Christopher Brewster 9 months ago

    Do I have to buy your special compost in order to grow tomatoes?

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