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  • Kourtney Arntz 4 years ago

    I am a Jersey girl who's hopefully moving to Phoenix this year. I have been looking into things such as still being able to have a backyard veggie garden. This gives me hope and makes me very happy!

  • Kathleen Peterson 4 years ago

    Where's the bunnies

  • Passer Angel 4 years ago

    This is pretty cool. Nice job!!!

  • BlazinSquad 4 years ago

    great vid!  Thanks for posting!

  • chris anast 4 years ago

    I look up what to grow in AZ and look who I find lol :)

  • Sheds Direct Manchester 4 years ago

    Ideally speaking, I can consider this excellent idea as the best for us to locate and find our backyard garden a very satisfying and great looking one. Nonetheless, this is very admirable and I perceived that you are a true gardener. 

  • gringo le breaux 4 years ago

    good way to hide  weed

  • Chris Pike 4 years ago

    Been 2 years now – no corrosion. The drip emitters are contained inside the buckets. Water drips out onto the ground.

  • Stefanie Scott 4 years ago

    your wall is going to be corroded

  • wally kaniaupio 4 years ago

    your garden looks great, love the turtle…

  • brydee Bryant 4 years ago

    I have stared a Vege & herb Garden Iv mulched it, Dug it all,High bedding and soaked it 2 days before planting eggplants, zuchini, rhubarb, Black Capsicum and herbs,then I put hay around all plants gave a water then Ferilised with a Watering Can
    **SO How often should I water the garden as I dont want to drown them:(( and the days have not been hot at all.
    I planted and water at Night I was told its a better time?
    TYou & Merry Xmas

  • JeremiahJohnson84 4 years ago

    Thanks, great vid…
    Check out my channel for great small space and patio vegetable gardening ideas and tips!

  • mary mancuso 4 years ago

    love the Idea of tomato at the bottom and peppers at the top

  • The Chopping Block 4 years ago

    Thanks much. I live in PHX too and when I saw your video I thought it was a great idea, since I can get free buckets. I think I'll try one jalapeno upside down because it would be a really great way to save space. We never had any luck with topsy turvy tomatoes, either.

  • The Chopping Block 4 years ago

    How much sun do your tomatoes get? I'd like to do the same homemade topsy turvy but the best spot I have for it is direct sun most of the day. What would do well there? Jalapeno, maybe?

  • SouthParcKartman 4 years ago

    we live in tx, and have a three month old sulcata_were using your design for the enclousre to plan ours, thanks!

  • preachbuilding 4 years ago

    Nice little garden !

  • Maidenfairy12 4 years ago

    do you grow weed??

  • Russell Greene 4 years ago

    how long does it get sun? Im having trouble with my tomatoes. Its driving me insane watching them die slowly.

  • Galagoz1 4 years ago

    where is the weed

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