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  • 2Q&Lrn 4 years ago

    Many people today assume that the 'Aloes' in the Bible are the same succulent plants that we call 'Aloe' today, as did Ronnie. . . . however . . . that is not the case. . . .

    The 'Aloes' mentioned in the Bible is not what we call 'Aloe' today.
    Back then, 'Aloes' was a name applied to a variety of tree containing a fragrant, or aromatic, substance used as a perfume in the Biblical period. (Ps 45:8; Pr 7:17; Ca 4:14)

    Most commentators consider the aloe tree of the Bible to be the Aquilaria agallocha, sometimes called the eaglewood tree and now found principally in India and
    neighboring regions.

    The tree is large and spreading, at times reaching a
    height of 30 m (c. 100 ft). The inner core of the trunk and of branches
    is impregnated with resin and an odoriferous oil, from which comes the
    highly prized perfume.

    Apparently attaining its most aromatic state when
    in decay, the wood is sometimes buried in the ground to hasten the
    decaying process. In a finely powdered condition it is then sold
    commercially as “aloes.”

    "Agaru – Aquilaria agallocha – Uses, Research, Side Effects"

  • donna doyle 4 years ago

    how often do you water aloe?

  • Cheech Chong 4 years ago

    I just cut the thorns off wash it and then I blend it and just drink it. But it's very bitter tasting…

  • Duy Nguyen 4 years ago

    the chive is call He with the dot under the e.  You will find it in spring roll and tofu soup.  

  • Chris Shafer 4 years ago

    Hey John, are there any Aloe Vera plant varieties that won't work for these healing methods?

  • OscarGG 4 years ago

    avoid Aloine, let your leaf bleed out a little while before consumption

  • thegameguy1000 4 years ago

    10:11 lol you scared the poop outta them

  • medaswho 4 years ago

    I would like some HAN!

  • JenDaniTanner 4 years ago

    you asked what the aloe was…i did a quick google search and posted what i saw, i just mentioned that google is faster, and can give you multiple opinions/facts/answers…then i explained how i used 'flash' to mean quick…and yes apparently what i saw on google was wrong, sorry…oh and i never saw his answer, which is why i thought he hadnt seen it

  • duwbryd 4 years ago

    The reason I posted here is because I have been following Ronnie and Minh and John kohler for many years and I greatly respect their opinions. And since I first heard about King and Japanese Aloe Vera from Ronnie and could not find useful info on google, it made since to me to ask Ronnie for help. And Ronnie did help me above and beyond. JenDaniTanner, what are you trying to say?

  • duwbryd 4 years ago

    ubraw dot com

  • JenDaniTanner 4 years ago

    i just did a fast scan of the text when i searched, flash = fast

  • duwbryd 4 years ago

    Huh? What is google flash searching?

  • duwbryd 4 years ago

    I don't know where you can buy them. Mine are still to young to get many starters from. I don't know if you can get them from Ronnie, I think he let me have some as a favor. But I think it wouldn't hurt to buy some of his products on his website and ask him if he has any starters he could send you if you at least pay for shipping. Just ask him, he will correspond with you.

  • JAZ8023 4 years ago

    aloe ?? delicious???

  • ourlegacy 4 years ago

    Raw gurus, plant and linguistic exchanges all in one. Love it. If "heh" is garlic chive (allium tuberosum), it is a well loved vegetable in the Far East and Southeast Asia. Garlic chives are not only prolific but also have white flowers that attract butterflies and beneficials. I've been trying to germinate garlic chives from seeds every year for several years w/o success. John, do a video on how to shop for proven quality (LED) grow lights and diy solar generator for balcony gardeners?

  • Jen T 4 years ago

    It's called "hẹ" and it's a garlic chives that Vietnamese use often in the spring roll or can be cook with tofu as a soup.

  • Sciencenaturelove 4 years ago

    The aloe Vera leaf

  • Sciencenaturelove 4 years ago

    The bottom part of the leaf… It's kinda yellow. Is a natural strong laxative, so be careful :)

  • Pichirilo Castillo 4 years ago

    I want an aloe vera but cant find one near me please help me

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