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  • Jennifer Caldwell 3 years ago

    omg, is that Bruce Lee dj-ing

  • Cheshire Aquaponics 3 years ago

    beautiful place … your in tune or on the right frequency with this planet an nature my friend we can all aspire to follow your lead

  • edward peguero 3 years ago

    was that a haboob

  • Ernica Ferdinand 3 years ago

    I planted two avocado seeds a few months. The both grew but each seed has two plants. I have transplanted them to pots but I'm not sure if i should prune the weaker seedling from each pot.

  • Austin Paz 3 years ago

    Beautiful dogs.
    If I had my own house then this is what I would be doing. You are doing everything I will be doing !

  • Mickey Stars 3 years ago

    Your dogs are cool!

  • Taylor Kerr 3 years ago

    your cool mate

  • Jenny Penrod 3 years ago

    Hey, just found your channel. I'm starting a food forest; the first in our area. I live in AZ, too (zone 9a/10b), but it gets even hotter (up to 135° in the 14 years I've been here, 127° routinely) here than PHX. I've been told by the Master Gardeners and nursery owners/employees in the area that avocado can't grow here. Water won't an issue for perennials after the first few years as were quite close to the river with a 25" water table, but we do have single digit humidity & strong winds routinely. Do you think the Aravipa variety would survive our hellish summers?

  • Joseph Lynn 3 years ago

    Learned this the hard way after seeing my avocado trees die from sunburn. "Let them grow into the light" Best advice.

  • Zach G 3 years ago

    That drone view is pretty amazing. Imagine if you're whole neighborhood gardened like you… Future of ag has got to be the market garden model…

  • Javier Evaristo 3 years ago

    What happened to the vegan athlete you don't really make videos anymore

  • Bubba Eats 3 years ago

    garden of eden.or oasis man sweet backyard

  • Bubba Eats 3 years ago

    I need sum healthy food was just in boulder Colorado. tired like your video

  • 1capcarl 3 years ago

    Jake , you could grow a Haas Avacado if you shade it when it is young and do everything you are doing with your present avacados.

  • brandiferree 3 years ago

    So if you have a foot of mulch around your trees, how do you keep it off the trunk ?

  • Partner With Xavier 3 years ago

    hey Jake you know anyways to gaining muscle and weight as a vegan

  • IHav2BlackCats 3 years ago

    Hey jake. I have seen a lot of videos and i dont remember seeing a pawpaw . I am sure you've seen/heard about them at least once. Any reason you havent incorporated these in as well. I had a chance to try some at a pawpaw festival we had recently in NC and it was a blend of a bunch of "tropical tree fruit" in my opinion and it grows natively here. It got me pretty excited about them because I have 30 ft tall ones growing in the creek behind my house. I bought a few named cultivars and am going to attempt to do some grafting. The pawpaws need shade the first few years but after that maintenance free, im sure they would love your yard. After tasting them I cant wait to grow my own. One other tree im going in blind on is the american persimmon, i got a few named varieties. Hope they are just as good as the pawpaw.

  • Naipai Kim 3 years ago

    Hi Jake! Awesome videos! I live in AZ and was wondering where do you buy your soil at? Most of my plants are dead bc of poor soil.
    And I'd recently become a vegetarian and would like to know what I can grow during this season. Thank you!

  • Adrian Perez 3 years ago

    Good video Jake, hey i have a question.. My parents started growing a garden in their backyard with vegetables and fruits, but now all of a sudden they have opossums hanging around eating their plants.. Is there something you recommend to prevent that?

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