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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Watch as I show you 2 different methods to grow basil seedlings in plastic jugs outdoors in winter or early spring for EARLY HARDENED transplants in late spring. You want tall big basil plants or tiny microgreen type basil plants. You can do both! No more indoor growing. No more grow lights! Winter Sowing Method. Grow large, hardened organic seedlings for next to nothing $ ! #wintersowing #herbs #grow ❤️ LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO: FACEBOOK GROUP – Join my Veggie Winter Sowing Community for support, fun and training and learn how to gorgeous, organic veggie, fruit and herb seedlings from seed out in the snow, cold or heat in free plastic jugs for next to nothing! ❤️ SHOP YOUR SEEDS HERE – 2 special viewer discounts! Both offer Organic, Heirloom seeds. Lowest Prices. Generous portions. Unique Varieties. Chauly’s Favorite Seeds 25% off all seeds. Enter coupon code “wintersowing” in the shopping cart! Use this special link for your 10% discount on all your seeds just for our viewers. Bookmark this link for future! ❤️ SHARE THIS VIDEO: GROWING BASIL FROM SEED | 2 WAYS TO GROW BASIL IN WINTER SOWING MILK JUGS ❤️ SUBSCRIBE here 👉 … for More Free Awesomeness on How-To Organic Gardening, Food Growing, Winter Sowing Method, Fruit Tree Growing, Juicing and Healthy Food Prep and much more! ❤️ 3 ways to SUPPORT MY CHANNEL and help feed my 2 rowdy dachshunds: 1. Do all your Amazon shopping at this special link. Please bookmark this link! 2. Use my affiliate links below for garden, kitchen and tech products you’ll love 3. Donate via PayPal at We all thank you for your ongoing support! 🙂 💋🐾 ❤️ PRODUCTS YOU’LL LOVE: OTHER […]



    Those Jugs with the Blue Handles are great. We love in England. The closest i have seen would be Squash Bottle x Where did you purchase the Bottles from they are so clear x Much love from England x

  • Camirra Williamson 1 month ago

    aparently in italy people grow young basil only. like they plant alot of basil continously and just pick the whole plant when its 5-6 in. I am buying some seed from franchi seeds (italian company) and they have like 2,000 seeds in 1 packet b/c italians plant basil seeds all the time!

  • Colleen Warburton 1 month ago

    How often do you water your mini greenhouses?

  • L. J. Bush 1 month ago

    Hi Sheryl, I found this idea here on YouTube with a really cool way to make a winter sowing container where you don't have to tape them, it just slides together: Two-Liter Greenhouse
    I hope you guys are doing well and enjoying your new place.

  • Brandy N 1 month ago

    So what do you eat that much basil with? Just needing new ideas.

  • DD Pierce 1 month ago

    "Micro-green baby basil"…great idea Miss Sheryl, love it! Last year after planting out the stuff in my jugs, some of the tops came off so I just direct sowed basil seeds throughout my beds and used the tops of the jugs as cloches. It worked out beautifully. (For viewers that don't know, we call that NTWS, or, "no transplant winter sowing". I need to grow the big plants because I dry and store a lot of herbs.

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