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  • ChannelFadge 6 years ago

    so by soil you mean sand??

  • Anel Bojorge 6 years ago

    Awesome!!.. When is the best month to do this?.. Thanks.

  • Duro boyss 6 years ago

    I wish you spoke in your video.

  • pozionmynd 6 years ago

    cactus germinate well under low light, all that is needed is just the fluro
    light in the kitchen to make them germinate, so i can understand putting
    them in the shade.

  • pozionmynd 6 years ago

    tip put some glad wrap over the top and tape it down, make a small humidity
    chamber doing that, then after they sprout take the plastic wrap away,
    speeds up sprout time by almost 4x’s.

  • Nate Everts 6 years ago

    not sure how you expect this to work as cacti seeds require light for

  • virtrina T 6 years ago

    I planted seeds using a zip lock bag technique. they’re a week today. i
    have placed them in my kitchen away from direct light. they have germinated
    nicely almost 1inch.

  • vinod kumar 6 years ago

    when is the best time to germinate cactus seeds ….. what is the success
    rate of germination

  • shahrezsyed 6 years ago

    @MrKonnorsniper he probably means manure. You can get humus or peat moss.

  • mike mike 6 years ago

    i found this misleading. cacti n

  • Jamshed Asmi 6 years ago

    Thanks to all friends Dudekramer … you keep to the pot in shadow place
    till the germinate .. Shahrez I have found best germination result as shown
    in my video

  • dudekramer100 6 years ago

    I guess you did not see the rest of the video. Do you think the cactus
    seeds in the other pots were planted differently? Besides for germination
    cactus seeds will do fine with moisture and warmth. Light is not needed
    until the seeds germinate.

  • WhoaDammit1967 6 years ago

    he said to put them in the “SHADE”. he didn’t say in the dark.