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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote A subscriber asked for a tour just of citrus and guava recently. Both are easy to grow and productive in zone 9B. In this video I show you the varieties of citrus I am growing in my Phoenix area yard: Eureka lemon, Meyer lemon, Buddha Hand citron, Key lime, Bearss lime, Nagami kumquat, Moro blood orange, Eureka variengated pink lemon, Dancy tangerine and Golde Nugget mandarin. I also show you the tropical guavas I am growing: unknown pink, Honeymoon variegated, Cosat Rican Red Pear, White Cuban, Tikal, Barbie Pink, Red Malaysian, and Red Beaumont. These plants have been in the ground from as long as 5 years to as short as 3 months. Video Rating: / 5


  • Sarfraz Nawaz 11 months ago

    Why don't u have limequat

  • Andy Rea 11 months ago

    Nice video. Very informative. I am also in zone 9B which is odd because we rarely get temps over 90°. It's crazy how drastic your area is compared to mine. Anyway… @ 16:11 you showcase your Meyer. I have a couple semi-dwarf improved meyer trees (still very young). I notice a lot of yellowing on your leaves. Could you explain why that is please. I am seeing a little bit of that myself and wondering what kind of deficiency it may be. Water seems to be on point for me. I have also fertilized an average amount (not too much or too little in my opinion). Thanks for your wisdom. Take care.

  • simo Wadah 11 months ago

    Thank you for all the informations. Appreciate it

  • What did you use to coat your lemon tree. I notice the tree truck are white

  • Suassuna 11 months ago

    I'm brazilian and I love guava. Brazilian guavas are so delicious! Try to get some seedling some brazilian variaties ❤️
    We pruning our guava trees continuously for more fruit. Always trimming the branches that have already produced, so we have fruits all year round.

  • David Cannon 11 months ago

    HI!!! Hope your garden is doing well. My husband and I tried our very first guava from Lee Lee market this week. It was delicious! I am sure if the fruit came from a tree in the garden then it would have tasted much better. It had a white flesh. We already planted the ruby supreme guava in the summer (no fruit yet) and we would like to plant the best tasting white fleshed guava as well. Can you please recommend one for us? Thank you

  • tan dinh 11 months ago

    Hi Pam, I have a 6 ft tall guava tree in 7 gallon pots, when do you start pinching them and how often

  • Simon Bennett 11 months ago

    Love your tour

  • george henderson 11 months ago

    You just need to wait years before pineapple becomes productive. It’s slow

  • Heidi Embrey 11 months ago

    Can't use a persian lime to make key lime pie that's fer sure.

  • Margaret Mojica 11 months ago

    I have a guava which has very small fruit.  The first year I did not pick the fruit because I was expecting it to grow more.  Second year, I missed watering it and all the fruit fell off.  After watching this video, I think I will look for other guavas.  Bakersfield sun is too hot for full sun all day.

  • Arden Archer 11 months ago

    I have only one mandarin Two pomegranates and one Moringa fighting for its life. But am inspired to start more Citrus and Guavas.

  • Matthew Wisniewski 11 months ago

    You should add the Brazilian Guava to your garden. And the China pear Guava is very nice as well

  • Thank you!! As always amazing garden and content

  • rafiqa11 11 months ago

    beautiful…much love and god,s peace be with you

  • Orlando Backyard Gardening 11 months ago

    Lots of guava trees…what do you do with all the fruit?

  • S Heus 11 months ago

    Just planted my first guava 6 weeks ago in Gilbert! I plan to provide shade protection this summer. When do you recommend I put that up? Thank you for sharing your garden and knowledge with us.

  • NORTHWOODSPREPPER1 11 months ago

    In your experience relating to citrus which is better in your climate dwarf, semi dwarf, full size to plant.and thanks for sharing your knowledge i a learning a lot.☘️☘️☘️

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