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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote How do forests grow in the desert? How is Israel the only country in the world with more trees in it now than there were 100 years ago? Watch how KKL-JNF makes the deserts bloom in order to find out! Video Rating: / 5

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  • 7t6e354r 4 years ago

    it was all good until 'global warming and carbon pollution' was mentioned.?

  • tom o 4 years ago

    is Israel like part of middle earth??

  • MrJizzmonkeys 4 years ago

    Could something like this work in the Sahara??

  • Mal Content 4 years ago

    You either believe it all or non, you cannot pick and chose what you want mate. According to the bible they were led there they were not just there. They murdered the original occupiers and I suggest you actually read what you are talking, before spouting your hatred. I also believe more Jews have been killed by Christians than any body else if you believe e me ask Hitler.?

  • apachewolfscout 4 years ago

    Great? But greater shame that the Israeli murdering colonists are constantly destroying, killing, cutting down thousands of years old Olive trees of the Palestinians, while taking more and more of their land and murdering their people, while calling their freedom fighters 'terrorists'-a contradiction in terms!-Shame. Even if Israelis grow trees in the desert, they are growing on the blood of Palestinians. Nasty, nasty little people

  • mason freeman 4 years ago

    good stuff?

  • Vention1MGTOW 4 years ago

    They're employing some basic Permaculture principles here. They use some basic landscaping to catch the desert rains in swales and depressions and that forces it underground where it can't evaporate and is available to trees. Then they plant nitrogen fixing trees that provide shade, and much for the soil, both of which decrease evaporation. Then things can really take off.

  • Noel Arnold 4 years ago


  • TV FMT 4 years ago

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  • Red Guard1945 4 years ago

    I wonder how much water is needed to maintain these forests.?

  • Yoyo Ball 4 years ago

    LONG LIVE ISRAEL!!!!!!!?

  • Tahuan Tinsuyo 4 years ago

    Very nice Zionist propaganda film. How many Bedouins did you kill to steal their land??

  • stephen arellano 4 years ago

    it is amazing what

  • Joseph Lee 4 years ago

    May God continue to bless Isreal! Why are we not doing this in California? I plan on purchasing a couple acres to see if I can be successful in planting a forest.?

  • paintur68 4 years ago

    Israel is a beacon of hope, knowledge and good will in the world.

  • wang tie 4 years ago


  • David Irons 4 years ago

    great video. Israel is the best!

  • GMBCATASTROPHE 4 years ago

    At last.

  • luis santos 4 years ago
  • FileNetExperts 4 years ago

    Bravo guys …. great job?