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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Twitter- @tropicalplantjc insta- Tropicalplantparty Snapchat- Tropplantparty Going over some basic care guide info on growing hardy agaves! How to grow hardy agaves and other cactus in succulents in colder climates can be quite simple given a few basic principles are understood and met for the plants. Overwintering cactus, succulents and hardy agaves is fun, creative and easy! Some of my favorite low maintenance plants for the landscape! The whole video boils down to one main theme, keep them dry in winter! The agave in this video is Agave parryi ‘truncata’ Video Rating: / 5


  • Mike Galacino 6 months ago

    Good information. Agave Victoria Regina is my favorite. so elegant. Bought a small Agave in 3 inch pot at Home Depot recently. Looks a lot like A. Victoria Regina with slightly thicker, stubby leaves and the same white leaf imprint lines. It offsets freely which none of my Victoria Regina plants have done. Would love to identify my newest Agave and research it's cold hardyness and mature size. Any ideas? Thanks.

  • The Romantic Garden 6 months ago

    Jealous of the folks that can give Agave the dry. I live at the edge of a rain forest. Would love to give it try again but no good sunny windows and too wet all year. I live vicariously through your tutorials. Lovely Agave.

  • Great video, more hardy yucca and agave videos plz 🙂

  • The Truth Of The Matter 6 months ago

    Thank you so much Jeff! This was of so much help. Maybe I'll just leave them in the pots. I hate it when I kill a plant. I have a few Yuccas mixed in the landscape but I'm not sure I like it. Sigh… I'll figure it out someday

  • Sherry Walker 6 months ago

    Great information!

  • Plant Maven 6 months ago

    I adore the royal blue poodle. I want one so I will keep my eyes open.

  • Kathy Macomber 6 months ago

    Husband says” No-They bite”!

  • C. Bar 6 months ago

    Love Agaves! Even though I live in the Northeast, they are in terra cotta pots and enjoy the summer outside.

  • sanjith shashidharan 6 months ago

    Does it grow in part shade or full sun?

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