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  • Judah Seeds 11 months ago

    Cheers Brother!!! That wrestling match had my buddy all worked up, he started barking and trying to play with me, lol.. Peace n Love

  • Chili Bu 11 months ago

    bless up brother!
    thanks for sharing your 0peration 0vergrow efforts in the high desserts,

    good vibes always eh,
    smiles across the miles my man!

  • Charsi Baba 11 months ago

    Girls are looking stylish in those fabric pots. Just wondering do you separate the seedlings you have doubled up? Also, any reason for having two in a single solo cup?

  • BettyKrocker 11 months ago

    name one bettykrocker lol

  • BettyKrocker 11 months ago

    hi diamond
    love aunt betty

  • BettyKrocker 11 months ago

    cheers to u

  • MATADOR LOWLIDS 11 months ago

    Hey there buddy…you have a great one yourself…ending the vid with the 2 wrestlers was great and the ladies look marvelous out in the desert sun…great job brother
    keep it lit n positive

    Peace n Puff.

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