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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This video shows three easy steps to growing new potatoes from your store bought potatoes, in your home garden or container. It also touches on the condition… I decided to empty out another pot of the early new potatoes Nicola 2 weeks after the last harvest which was very disappointing. I expected a similar result …

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  • moscar9128 7 years ago

    Thank you for sharing…CHEERS!?

  • beardguy45 7 years ago

    Wow! this is what i’m going to do but can you tell me the size of this? container and how many seeds or plants can be planted in ia single container?

  • DJMovit 7 years ago

    Nice crop! Is it the variety that you planted or don’t you wait for the foliage to die back before harvesting? Just wondering.
    Thanks for posting? this.

  • 68NYC 7 years ago

    Thanks? for the update.

  • ???????? ???????????? 7 years ago

    too early

  • shannan2000 7 years ago

    I thought you have to wait for the green leaves to turn yellow before you? harvest?

  • clairesallotment 7 years ago

    They’re brilliant,? loads to keep you going for a while.

  • raphaelbertram71 7 years ago

    you have very nice patatoes?

  • mrsnevaruizdomat 7 years ago

    where do u use? compost after potatoe crop?
    nice crop 🙂

  • Gehenna71 7 years ago

    Perfect! I had 4 tiny potatoes from 2 plants. Even my? onions and shallots rotted away. I made extra holes in the containers and placed them on wooden boards so the water could drain away. No use, to much rain. I still have tomatoes and chilli peppers growing just fine in the greenhouse. Well … I’m looking forward to 2013 for more container growing ! 🙂

  • ExplorerGirl321 7 years ago

    That’s terrific! I see from your past videos that you usually? plant 2 seed potatoes per 30L pot. Is this how these were planted? I harvested Blue Potatoes today–I’m in Ontario. From 12 seed potatoes I got 7 pounds. Many were small so I guess I should have waited a bit longer. This is my first time growing them and I saw potato beetles on them. I was worried that they would spread to other veggies I have in my garden so I harvested them. I think I will try your method next year! Thanks!!

  • garryentropy 7 years ago


  • BrainDamageEclips 7 years ago

    Very nice crop.?

  • Ryan Beard 7 years ago

    cool? video

  • Verminstalk 7 years ago

    Now thats how? you grow potatos 😉
    Well done m8 very good yeald

  • Martin Hughes 7 years ago

    Very Nice, well? done 🙂

  • baconsoda 7 years ago

    Good going. I’m getting quite? optimistic about my spuds now.

  • canada cob 7 years ago

    Great crop mate..Cheers from a Drought ridden? Canada!

  • Steve T-J 7 years ago

    Well done. A very nice crop. Our allotment site has been hit with blight so not good news. I’ll definitely be growing in? pots next season. Thanks for sharing.
    Best wishes
    Steve in Cornwall.