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  • - Edge - 2 weeks ago

    I live in Mesa, AZ. I lived in Brasil for 2 years as a missionary in the 90's and have a fond memory of all the passion fruit vines growing down there as well as consuming them! I would love to grow them here but I want to make sure I have a verified vine that will for sure fruit out. Would you be willing to share some cuttings that I could root out and plant? I'm new to gardening but I have been successful at rooting out other cuttings from other types of plants before. If you are willing to share some cuttings, I'm not sure what would be the best way to share contact info so it's not displayed out in the public like these comments.

  • moniquemonicat 2 weeks ago

    Thank you. We just ordered a Passion Fruit Vine for Tucson backyard and came to find out more about them. You have a lovely yard and your vine looks great.

  • Richard Johnson 2 weeks ago

    Nice video! Love passionfruit and I need to get another vine soon.

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