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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Today we’re excited to show you one of our favorite and easiest fruit trees to grow in Arizona! The Wonderful pomegranate, the same variety you will normally find in the grocery store, is a fast-growing, highly productive fruit tree, and loves our climate! We bought this tree for a couple of years ago. While it was only a foot tall and no bigger around than a pencil, it has grown tremendously and has given us way more than worth of pomegranates in the last two seasons! With a little care, and keeping an eye out for pests like the leaf-footed bug, this tree has been a joy to have in our backyard. Are you growing a pomegranate tree? What is your favorite variety? Let us know in the comments! – Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @GreeniesGarden! – If you want happiness, plant something! We hope everyone has an AWESOME day! For consultations, raised beds, or fruit tree planting/feeding services, please check us out at Video Rating: / 5


  • Kevin Tunaley 1 year ago

    best time of year to plant from seed ?

  • Atif Chaudhry 1 year ago

    Slice the crown and score the sides to split open easily

  • Nola B 1 year ago

    I planted a wonderful pomegranate along with another kind about 2 years ago almost 2 years ago it has only had one flower on it and it dropped off the same day that it bloomed I bought it from a nursery here in town I'm someone who specializes in trees and bushes that will grow good here in Arizona he has an excellent reputation I got directions and planted according to his directions for lies did all that stuff foliar feed while they look great and I see they are growing mine are nowhere near as tall as yours and I have had no fruit yet what are you doing that I might not be doing mine is in a west facing front yard and it gets Sun from about 9 to 10 a.m. in the morning all day and I see no problem with the Heat or the Sun hitting it it's never been will to your droopy leaves Orchid color I used to azomite the micro riser mulched and composed and wood chips what might I not be doing that you are doing

  • RTUG00 1 year ago

    Aw man. I've had a pomegranate shrub for about 1 1/2 year now and it has made some progress but no where near the progress yours has. Certainly hasn't fruited yet. I had to move mine from where it was getting full sun because the wind was coming through and traumatizing it. Now its in a partial shade spot but with more protection from the wind. Its such a wild ugly little shrub. So I'm going to work on pruning it when it goes to sleep this winter. Hopefully next year will be the year it produces.

  • Nickey H 1 year ago

    I would say, not ready yet. I would wait until about end of November. The color will be more red as the temperature drops down.

  • Aron 1 year ago

    you need time lapse footage of rain in the garden

  • Jose Renteria 1 year ago

    Good video I like how you all compliment each other very well the chemistry is good

  • Shawn C 1 year ago

    Can't seem to grow them well in Central Florida — too much humidity so the fruit gets fungus and mummifies; same for dates. I have them for ornamentals with the hope of getting fruit sometime.

  • Caiden H 1 year ago

    I'm pretty hyped right now.. I just planted 8 pomegranate seeds 10 minutes go. I did it as cautious and perfect as possible. I love pomegranates. Definitely my favorite fruit that also has so many benefits.

  • Vrinda Bhalla 1 year ago

    where did you get a neem tree

  • Grapes Garden 1 year ago

    Actually the bugs are fruit flies.Female fruit fly laid egg in fruit by making very tiny hole init then after some time their larva come from egg and eat fruit from inside.
    Fruit fly traps are available in catches male fruit fly so female eggs will not fertile.

  • myutube9xx 1 year ago

    Thank you for posting this useful video. The right watering schedule for Phoenix area and when exactly to harvest are my key questions. We water daily during the hot summer months and also deep water every two weeks. Our fruits do not seem ready for harvesting now in mid-October , perhaps in two weeks.

  • Jerry Cohen 1 year ago

    Love your Pomegranate tree I have the same variety as you. I live in Melbourne Australia and i start picking my Pomegranates in the last months of Autumn which is May here.

  • Daniel Fisch 1 year ago

    I went to Reed today, great guy. I picked up a pomegranate (unknown variety) and black jack fig tree today and planted them, wish me luck. The price was right and he gave me great advice on how to amend my soil and break up the caliche.

  • Trump's Dingleberries 1 year ago

    Offtopic: Is it possible to grow corn on fields in Arizona without watering? I'm wondering what the local farmers are growing since it's so dry and whether you plan on expanding your property to grow chickens and whatnot.

  • Miks Rieksts-Hofmanis 1 year ago

    I live in Latvia so i grow my pomegranate tree in big pot and last year i had my frist harvest i bought it when i was in second grade and now i am in eight

  • Nick Kaz 1 year ago

    Dope video as always guys! Two things:
    1) I have a mature pomegranate that is huge and it thrives off of water once every two weeks (flood irrigation) and nothing more.
    2) When you pick them, roll them around on a hard surface. Score it around (circumference), twist it apart and then beat it with a big spoon. Those seeds just fall out – no mess!
    Keep the videos coming! How’s the pond doing?

  • Gino jardins Olivier 1 year ago

    nice tree but important to say that tree is fruiting in a 2 or 3 years woods depend on a variety. so becareful when pruning in the winter time. because too much pruning can potentialy stop fruiting for several year.

  • Jean Conneely 1 year ago

    I have heard the best time to pick them is when it's the coldest out here in Phoenix. That's when the fruit get super dark. And it's at its ripest.

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