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  • Patriot Dee 1 year ago

    Using store bought potatoes is Not the way to go, unless maybe Organic.Most potaos in the stores produce poorly when replanted. Worth getting GOOD seed potatoes. I order mine from Petaluma Ca. Huge seed potato farm thats been around for decades.Just saying.

  • GrowSomethingGreen 1 year ago

    Those ones didn't turn out very well, the potatoes were really small I think because the soil compacted to much so if you do plant potatoes I would use some garden soil in there too and mix it

  • GrowSomethingGreen 1 year ago

    Yeah rocky and clay.

  • GrowSomethingGreen 1 year ago

    @ArizonaAdventures Awesome good luck with those, I haven't tried sweet potatoes yet but would like to

  • GrowSomethingGreen 1 year ago

    @sericonti Yeah definitely, we don't really get frost here so I want to plant another crop here soon. Thanks for your suggestions and I'll definitely have to try that out.

  • Frankie Calleja 1 year ago

    If you don't have frost in winter, you should be able to plant another crop in January which will mature by June. Over here, we plant potatoes in September and again in January. It takes 3 to 4 months for potatoes to produce a crop. The tuber you showed can be further sliced because as long as there is an 'eye' present, it will produce a new plant. Good luck with your potato crop! Best regards.

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