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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Growing some potatoes in a bucket in my front room. Adding dirt hoping to get more from one that ended up eying in the pantry. Video Rating: 5 / 5 I drilled about 8 1/2″ holes in the bottom of these containers. I mixed perlite, leaf mulch, compost and spaghnum moss for my base. I put 4″ of this mixture …

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  • Tabitha Tuitele 7 years ago

    Definitely fun for the winter. That is our south window? so it will get the most light there.Now we wait and see. Thanks for watching.

  • Virginia Wind 7 years ago

    Hard? to tell for sure in the video, but it appears you have a lot of light there. This will be a fun experiment.

  • twointheface 7 years ago

    Great videos keep them coming……..?

  • PREPPERSQUIRREL 7 years ago

    The good thing about growing in containers is that I can control the NPK levels fairly easy. I spray compost tea on all my plant every other day. I add blood meal along with other ingredients in my tea to counter any N loss from the leaf mulch. I watch the leaf color to know what nutrients the plants? might lack. Hope this helps.

  • Lee Parker 7 years ago

    Everything sounds great, except for the leaf mulch. I have read that non-matured mulch (especially leaves) will leach or rob nitrogen from the soil. I understand hardwood mulch to be the best mositure retainer (so much so you will see some mushrooms). Looks great though.? Thanks for the video.