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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This is a new method I’m trying for growing a potato. So far, so good! The time-frame is about 2 months from store purchase to the current growth. Follow me … Video Rating: 4 / 5 Donate to Lauren: check out what I am growing in containers on my deck. Check out my website! Sign … Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  • jamiemc102 7 years ago

    For the first time, I’m growing red potatoes 🙂 Thanks for making this? video!!

  • MyInspiredCreation 7 years ago

    I add soil when it grows 3 inches above dirt. Or you can also just bury it deep and let it come out without adding any? more dirt. It just takes longer for the potato to come out of the ground.

  • Ahmad Noor Haqimi 7 years ago

    sis we must plant potato adding soil layer by? layer or just bury them one time only?

  • Pratik Narsikar 7 years ago

    hi the best video on planting potatoes,with real updates being the most helpful… question is do u need to pour soil on the growing stems and burry them.I have put 1 potato and now its 7 inches out.i havent filled it again.Should i place it deeper in a bigger container.Also how much sunlight does? the potato need,advise for sum fertiliser as well .thnks in advance.

  • Karen M 7 years ago

    they usually gas the potatoes at my supermarket to prevent sprouting but I’ll go dig around at my local farmers markets and like all of you? people I’m also raring to try this method out! lol

  • MyInspiredCreation 7 years ago

    I use Top? soil and a small amount of organic compost in these potatoes.

  • Maria Garrett 7 years ago

    what kind of soil do you? use?

  • MyInspiredCreation 7 years ago

    LOL! Just add soil in there and you’ll have potatoes? growing in the fridge ;).

  • NewEnglandgardening 7 years ago

    That’s what the potatoes in my frig usually look like.?

  • mryvelazquez 7 years ago

    They look very? Nice!!!

  • Steve Harpster 7 years ago

    great video Jane?

  • MyInspiredCreation 7 years ago

    Thanks, Archit! I do hope? to get plenty from this 1. But even little is good enough for me. Just being able to grow it is already fun! Thanks for the tip, too! 🙂

  • MyInspiredCreation 7 years ago

    I’m pretty sure yours isn’t that? bad? 😉

  • MyInspiredCreation 7 years ago


  • MyInspiredCreation 7 years ago

    My soil is a mix of top soil and a little bit of organic compost.? The potato seems to be liking it. ^^

  • MyInspiredCreation 7 years ago

    Yup. Bought them at the grocery store.? 🙂

  • MyInspiredCreation 7 years ago

    LOL! I’m glad you? liked it!?

  • MyInspiredCreation 7 years ago

    Hehehee. Thanks, Jerry! I know you miss? me! 🙂

  • MyInspiredCreation 7 years ago

    Thank? you! They’ll taste great once I get to harvest them. ^^

  • MyInspiredCreation 7 years ago

    That is an interesting material to grow it in. Looking forward to? seeing your harvest!

  • MyInspiredCreation 7 years ago

    Wow! That’s a lot of french fries! Good luck with all of that!? 🙂

  • Archit jain 7 years ago

    jane yours potato plants looks great ,these plant is really easy to manage just dont water them much? let them dry out before you water, last year i give a try to it for fun just in a small container like about 1 gallon pot in that also my potato managed to produced 5 -6 baby small potatoes and yours container is big you definitively gonna get good amount of potatoes, good luck jane 🙂

  • billisherenc 7 years ago

    I wish mine was doing? great like yours 🙂

  • sugerbear520 7 years ago


  • paulgem123 7 years ago

    Your dirt looks like my worm casting mix. Kinda clay or? pasty like in the first layer

  • TheFrugal Gardener 7 years ago

    Love your deck garden! I garden on my deck too. I think you’ll love the Rain Gutter Grow System. We have it raised on blocks so that I don’t have to do any bending. Search UTube and Facebook and it’ll come up. Larry shows us how to make and use it. I used it for the first time last year and my veggies went? crazy. We’re going to expand the system this year. I can hardly wait!! Check it out.

  • ragweed1217 7 years ago

    Hello Lauren, Very nice job. Just? a suggestion, check out (Praxxus55712) on you tube, he has very good growing tricks.

  • Awaken2now 7 years ago


  • Anna Renee 7 years ago

    Hi ShaktiGoddess! Your babies look? beautiful! What was that jar of gooey pinkish stuff over by your big pots of kale?