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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote is my official gardening website. Harvesting Potatoes Grown in Plastic Bags: July 15th – As part of my challenge … Video Rating: 5 / 5 Andy Dionysiou of Plantarama Garden Centre shows how to harvest potatoes.

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  • BrendaG1957 7 years ago

    That’s actually a really good harvest from the plants you? had. Each plant will only yield 6-12 good potatoes.

  • 4eva68 7 years ago


  • rickvanman 7 years ago

    I agree, you have to stay on top of the? watering.

  • 7891234able 7 years ago

    It will work, but, they require a lot of water…lol. I have done it.?

  • disneygeek12 7 years ago

    Ha ha did? you really just throw that slug over the neighbours fence?

  • 1killerbilly 7 years ago

    the other day i got hit by a? flying slug while sunbathing i now no where it came from lol

  • rickvanman 7 years ago

    Yes, did it again last year and the results were much better because I watered? them a lot more – actually I put fewer holes in the bag too, and we had more rain as well and that helped a lot.

  • HEAVENMYMUSIC7 7 years ago

    We work for the rspca and that slug was a mate of ours
    So you are under arrest!?

  • GreenCrazyMom 7 years ago

    Wonderful idea! I have a lot of feed bags from my animals that I am trying to find? ways to use!

  • 00gillespie00 7 years ago

    that? was a whole lotta crack in this video.

  • Murali N 7 years ago


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  • donny begood 7 years ago

    Brilliant? t-shirt mate!

  • MidwinterSon 7 years ago

    Mine are about ready as well. : )?

  • MrSmallButBrave 7 years ago

    haha loved the sentence at th back of your? shirt 🙂

  • TheJollyTog 7 years ago

    Tom’s are coming? along nicely @rickvanman

  • Sheila6325 7 years ago

    Growing otatoes in a compost bag is hard, and yes, they do need a lot of water at the bottom too. That is one of the things that people have found out over the past 2 years. Potatoes do the same thing in huge plastic planters too. Thought you would like to know. We all learn as we go along. I always wanted to do plant potatoes too, and I just read about others trying them for the past 2 years,? and water was the answer. That, or too much. Good luck with your next ones.

  • FenderGibsonWashburn 7 years ago

    It looks like? a decent haul to me especially for it being your first time. Imagine how well you will do next year. 🙂 I love the shirt. #LOL

  • RelyOnYourselfTV 7 years ago

    Save the small spuds and plant them next? year !

  • mujawooja 7 years ago

    Hi rick
    It may be a small crop,but big things can grow from small? beginnings!

  • justjoemusic 7 years ago

    like the music at the beginning! Your garden is looking great… I did start all this with my garden but then had a major rat problem which ruined everything I planted… turned out someone down the road left their pond to go stagnant and the fish all died which enticed loads of? rats.

  • fergus harvey kelly 7 years ago

    normally potatoes need loads of nutrients,
    i have 22 acres and they are? sprayed every week, afterwards they are sprayed with a chemical and all the plants and flowers go,

    they have a very good yield and up north we have had no rain what so ever until this week when it has been non stop , we managed to bog a tractor!