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  • Casey Bieker 9 months ago

    Any relatively easy solution for getting rid of buffalo grass in a bluegrass lawn? Thought I had it gone before the renovation but apparently not. Thank Paul, wish you were here in KS.

  • Ultraman's Inspirational Recipes 9 months ago

    I love how you blew the leaves to the other side of the road instead of picking them up. This reminds me of how I used to sweep grass clippings down the storm sewer when I was a kid when my dad wasn’t watching.

  • Ben Hinton 9 months ago

    I’d give my left two Lugnuts for sprayer like that

  • Ben Hinton 9 months ago

    MAn I’d love to win a sprayer!!!

  • lambert1702 9 months ago

    Hey Paul, what is the most common turf grass you work on in your area?

  • Gene DuClos 9 months ago

    Freakin great intro. I was waiting for the James Bond girls to come out!

  • The Greener Lawn 9 months ago


  • Non-Mastery Productions 9 months ago

    Thanks for showing that hybrid KBG. Looks like it would blend well with Poa annua and yellow nutsedge, perfect for my yard!

  • Powerbypoole 9 months ago

    To achieve your half pound of nitrogen what setting works on the lesco spreader for you? #12 or #14?

  • Larry Newman 9 months ago

    Correct logic at the end of the video, sir. An example being corn and fescue grass are related. Precision agriculture lead the way to precision turfgrass management. Managing the soil, the nutrients, and the water leads to higher yields in ag sounds the same as turf to me anyway. Hurry up with the 1k giveaway because with these winning videos, you will be at 2k in no time.

  • Lush Lawns 9 months ago

    Great content as always Paul. Thanks!

  • Dandy Lawn and Maintenance 9 months ago

    Nice intro. Not a fan of the lime green but better then brown 🙂

  • Lawn Commander 9 months ago

    Plenty of snow still in the mountains

  • ColonelK0rn 9 months ago

    Dude, I love the new introduction! That's super snappy.

  • Chad Fleming 9 months ago

    Thanks for the update, Glad the snow is gone! That sure is some weird ass color and they still call it KBG Kentucky Blue Grass. Should be KLM Kentucky Lime Grass. strange!

  • sirjustis 9 months ago

    Good stuff Paul!! I always enjoy watching you take pride in your work.

  • Connor Ward 9 months ago


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