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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Go to to see the best 3 herb plants. I was thinking about herb gardening for beginners, and I was trying to think of what I would recommend as the best herbs for getting started with in an organic herb garden. Let me know what you think below. And check out for the free ’15 Vital Organic Gardening Lessons For Becoming A Better Organic Gardener’. Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Alkanile 7 years ago

    Sweet. I’ll go check? it out. 😀

  • Phil Nauta 7 years ago

    The best for you would be to sign up for the FREE 15 organic gardening lessons on my website at smilinggardener (and then a dot com).? I show you how to install and care for a basic garden.

  • Alkanile 7 years ago

    Do you have any videos on people who? are just getting into gardening in general? I mean, I don’t know ANYTHING about gardening. Not even what’s “common sense”.

  • scottcharlesjohnson 7 years ago

    Nice? garden..

  • losmejia6 7 years ago

    Parsley, lavender &? green onion

  • Phil Nauta 7 years ago

    You’re right, but in small doses in does have uses. But like I said, it’s more of an advanced thing and people definitely shouldn’t? be spraying it all over their gardens.

  • wrusst 7 years ago

    H2o2 kills microlife?

  • Phil Nauta 7 years ago

    H202 is hydrogen peroxide. It has limited uses and you can experiment with it, but it’s really an advanced product, so I suggest you make? sure you have the basics down first. If you have chlorine in your tap water, it would be great if you could use filtered instead.

  • OriginalRipndip 7 years ago

    Should I try super? oxygenated water……it’s labeled H2O2 and it’s available in health stores. It’s very dangerous UNTIL you dilute it with water. But i hear plants love it. Also tap water or filtered?

  • OriginalRipndip 7 years ago

    I have nothing much to add, my first time gardening. So thanks and namaste

    I want to try fresh Sage, Basil, Peppermint and or Oregano? plants.

  • thomastv10 7 years ago

    its a good? video but i allready know this stuff lil to beginer for me thumbs up if u beive im 11

  • Wand33 7 years ago

    i say the H as? well so yay finally someone that sounds normal to me 😛

  • msslynne1 7 years ago

    Most of my next upcoming garden will be herbs- in WA they say bring Rosemary in I never do and it thrives! My spearmint adores the old esp a good freeze and I am especially pleased with how? fast my herbs re-grow t the first hint of Spring. Thyme in the many varieties continues to be a favorite. I love that hardiness, beauty and sometimes daintiness in certin herbs-and there are so many to choose from. My parsley does grow year round.

  • quiltbea 7 years ago

    I think thyme is the best herb. Great in many dishes in the kitchen and can be brought inside in? the winter and still going strong.

  • gowdaflow 7 years ago

    I live in South Fl. and there are lots og bugs and pests that attack plants.. Is there a way to protect and keep the plants away and free of these insects without using quemicals? or pesticides?

  • sharkeeeee 7 years ago


  • Phil Nauta 7 years ago

    No worries, looks like it was someone else defending me. It’s all? good.

  • classyisin 7 years ago

    Oh my goodness I am so unbelievably sorry, truely? not bitchy or sarcasic that’s such a backhanded complement and I’m really sorry. I shoudnt judge on someones pronounciation and im sorry 🙁 I really do like your video and im sorry

  • Phil Nauta 7 years ago

    Thanks,? pronunciation depends on where you live, like potato.

  • thenorth03 7 years ago

    it is? not silent.

  • classyisin 7 years ago

    The H is silent dear… thank? you for the video also 🙂

  • bietzt 7 years ago

    A wheat grass juicer may work for? the chives.

  • ludwig325 7 years ago

    Mortar? and pestle

  • scott leeper 7 years ago

    just discovered your? website, great stuff!

  • Helioforge 7 years ago

    Chives are amazing! In zone 5, they winter outside, in a container, sitting on a metal mesh table in the backyard, and they do just fine! That is hardy! ? Oh, I was collecting catnip seeds today, and after going inside, with the cats, well… they just wouldn’t let go!