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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote If you ever find yourself lost in the desert, knowing how to quickly find water is going to be key to for your survival. Here’s what you’re going to need to know. Tech Insider tells you all you need to know about tech: gadgets, how-to’s, gaming, science, digital culture, and more. Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: TI on Facebook: TI on Instagram: TI on Twitter: ————————————————– Following is the transcript of the video: The human body can survive for about 3 days without water, which can be extremely hard to find in hot desert climates. Look for signs of life if you can’t find a water source. Vegetation, birds, and insects can all mean a nearby water source. Fruits, vegetables, cacti, and roots all contain water and mashing them with a rock will release some liquid. Water flows down, so check low terrain. Canyons and mountain bases could be home to a water source. Morning dew can be collected with a cloth and then wrung out into your mouth.Just make sure you collect it before sunrise or it will evaporate before you can get it. Use cups or any other container to catch rainfall. If possible, build a water-catching tarp. This will allow even more water to be collected. Look for damp ground, vegetation, and dry river beds. These things can all indicate underground water. If you dig a hole a few feet deep nearby, it’s likely water will seep in. If possible, always filter the water. But if you have to choose between dehydration and unfiltered water — take your chances with the water. Video Rating: / 5


  • jairo jaramillo 10 months ago

    Dont drink cactus water

  • How do i find wifi in desert?

  • ARUN PRASHANTH 10 months ago

    Just watch man vs wild

  • minecraft corner 10 months ago

    "if I can't drink you,I'll drink myself!"
    Cuphead in a nutshell

  • Peridot and Lapis 10 months ago

    If you have a knife and straw cut a cactus and drink up

  • Dash Gaming 10 months ago

    Now how to find food?

  • BlueFX 10 months ago

    But The Desert Hasnt Rain For 1 Million+ Years How Are We Able To Get water rain?
    [Without The cactus Options]

  • thisismyfirstusername i made this up 10 months ago

    Better drink my own piss.

  • LemonOVA 10 months ago

    Drink your own piss

  • Doge Guy729163 10 months ago


  • Nat P. 10 months ago

    Cactus and sweat lol

  • Amaya SD 10 months ago

    w o r t e r

  • LukaCola 10 months ago

    This is a pretty good tech video!

  • Grace Coyner 10 months ago

    Thanks I has wifi in the desert and I was out there for a week thanks for the help

  • Harry Lyons 10 months ago

    waggyish no I'm watching it because on inbetweeners 2 they ran out of fuel in the outback and could not find water and bear grylls didn't tell them and 2nd no I'm watching it because it randomly popped up on youtube

  • M E O W 10 months ago

    Antarctica is a desert

  • вы голубой! 10 months ago

    unknown liquid would give potential harm
    you might die first before dying over dehydration

    desert advice, just don't get lost and avoid the empty desert alone by self, always stick with other human beings and just rely on good social skills, other animals would do the same so why not do it too?

    – on last resort, don't hunt water while its sunny hot because all potential waters will all might gone already before you

  • Bharat Entertainment 10 months ago

    Can u say sir what software is used to make this animation..

  • Fresh Meme prince 10 months ago

    Noice my man

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