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  • 4Greyhounds 4 years ago

    And as always, kudos on your music selection.

  • Brewstyy 4 years ago
  • Porkinator 4 years ago

    Wow you're hyper this episode, lovin' it! :D

  • franklindude 4 years ago

    You should do a facecam sometime

  • iPuffskein 4 years ago

    Next to the lowest point of the water feature you should have a colossal tree that goes up through the main throne room as well with a kind of balcony around it! 

  • Sipan742 4 years ago

    Cleo What is your surname?

  • Roger Cabrera 4 years ago

    Use pot soil for the dirt maybe

  • Julian Gonzales 4 years ago

    I think wheat plants would really add more variety to the garden and it would look really well and fit to the theme and color

  • Chantelle McMahon 4 years ago

    Great video, I loved the garden :)

  • HermitCraft News 4 years ago

    Hey everyone! I've just posted The Easter Special of HermitCraft News!

    Check it out here: Easter Egg Hunt! – HermitCraft News: Easter Special

  • Scesha Aeial 4 years ago

    Amazing build, as always, Cleo. Lighting idea: large stained glass ceiling pattern. Or perhaps small stained glass ceiling patterns. Using sunlight to draw attention to the planters would be cool. Looking forward to whatever you decide to do. Also! this build is shaping up to be a great makeshift PVP arena.

  • Arnout Priemus 4 years ago

    finally get the chance to watch this :)

  • Joyce Chen 4 years ago

    It might just be me, Cleo, but the in game noises are really loud.

  • Danny Duck MC 4 years ago

    5 seconds in… Go Home Cleo… Youz is Drunk

  • Luke Aumuller 4 years ago

    Use Podzol in the garden to put plants that need grass

  • SmallSpeedo 4 years ago

    Cleo this is absolutely stunning, I'm already in lobe with it and can't wait to see how it looks I'm the future

  • westhonor228 4 years ago

    cleo you should call it the hanging garden of hermit craft

  • MusicalHB 4 years ago

    Skip the end of the video and miss your AMAZING time laps? NEVER

    +ZombieCleo  <3 

  • Elijah White 4 years ago


  • RimaNari 4 years ago

    Ahm, your game sound is incredibly loud, or your commentary extremely quiet. It was painful at times (when a zombie is moaning about for example). But either way, awesome episode. I LOVE the garden!
    (Concerning the time lapse: why don't speed it up even more, it was actually quiet long?)

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