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  • Mumbo Jumbo 5 years ago

    Just a few things I want to say:
    After the next Hermitcraft episode, I am going to be changing up the way I
    record these Episodes. I don’t really know how yet, but it will be

    One thing that I do know is I will be reducing timelapse time and
    increasing the length of videos. So that should be quite fun :)?

  • Sl1pg8r - Minecraft, Mods, and MOAR! 5 years ago

    I lol’d “You have to go to a dessert. That’s annoying!” Stupid deserts! ?

  • qwerty asdf 5 years ago

    Man, that jumpscare at the end gets me every time.?

  • Gustav M 5 years ago

    What in the world would u need a cactus farm for? XP?

  • Longzer 5 years ago

    how did he place the upside down vines?

  • Maijie Jiang 5 years ago

    hmm make bit huger down add water hopper done more automatic :p ?

  • Comba7000 5 years ago

    Mumbo, in Murica’ we have these things called child labor laws. Makes it a
    lot harder to make money. You have to be around 18 to have a job ;-;?

  • istarianjinsama 5 years ago

    MJ, how close does one have to be to something for it to continuously
    update? I’ve noticed when I’ve got furnaces going and farms stuff growing,
    if I go mapping or mining, a stack of 32 wood is still only half done going
    into charcoal, etc.

    My first suspect is always ‘pilot error’. So, what did I screw up? Do I
    have to be within x chunks or did I forget something??

  • ComputersAreRealCool 5 years ago

    lol, I am sure everyone gets a job by telling someone (very nicely, of
    course) *”Your lawn looks terrible and your carpets look a bit crappy. Give
    me a fiver and I’ll do them for you”*?

  • DryDay 5 years ago

    Cactus thingie no longer work 1.8.1 i tried it and to add to my automatic
    Farms but this no longer work sigh?

  • Simson Simpson 5 years ago

    you could also use string to suspend the sand?

  • Marco Rebhan 5 years ago

    How did you change the tick speed??

  • Mumbo Jumbo 5 years ago

    Hermitcraft: Episode 82 – Epic Cactus Farm?

  • EPIC RANDOM DUDE 5 years ago

    Can u tell me the ip?

  • Raw anger 5 years ago

    this is the stupids video i have ever see !!! why is this stupid guy dont
    show how big is the farm ? how many blocks ? etc.?

  • Devon Smart 5 years ago

    hhahahahahahhahahahaahahhahahhah ooh ohoohoooohhh?

  • Animiles 5 years ago

    If you have not heard of sethbling before, then you haven’t played
    minecraft longer then 1 month, or you’ve been sitting under a pile of
    cobblestone for a long, long time.?

  • Sam Jordan 5 years ago

    Why didn’t you enderpearl in the air??

  • Neil Farwoods 5 years ago

    How many ” *Bush Problems* ” have you had, Mumbo??

  • Joost Auw 5 years ago


  • Mark Wu 5 years ago

    isnt it half of the cactus r goin to disappear right after it spawn??

  • Metallic Sandwich PC 5 years ago

    The gold farm looks like 1 side of a purple,rubies cube?

  • Kessler Seitter 5 years ago

    Love the vids man, keep it up 🙂 I just subbed!?

  • TJMTG 5 years ago

    Couldn’t you of just thrown an ender pearl straight down when you where
    falling to save yourself??

  • FluxAndz 5 years ago

    What about longer videos??