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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This is my first garden, and it’s coming along nicely. We’re located in northern Arizona, at about 2800 feet elevation. The first one I planted was a total …


Desert Gardens


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  • Gwen Sullivan 7 years ago

    I’m about to plant my first desert garden. My first garden was along the Gulf Coast in 1979. That’s a long tiem in between. I’m in the Chihuahuan Desert in Texas @ ~4500′. Raised bed,10′ x 10′ , with 2 pickup loads of hauled-in soil and a small amount of goat manure from a friend’s farm mixed in. I’m? getting a late start, but we’ve had freezing weather twice this April, which I accidentally avoided by being too busy to get the seeds planted. Thanks for sharing your garden.

  • Blake Schulz 7 years ago

    Watermelon and other melons grow excellent in the desert, corn last year I wasn’t so lucky, ants invaded my corn and ate it? inside out!

  • Julieaism 7 years ago

    Have you seen Back to? eden gardening? I have been considering a move to the high desert and my main concern has been what will and what won’t grow….but if I applied the back to eden garden It should work

  • DesertDweller74 7 years ago

    Thanks, I’m thoroughly enjoying gardening thus far, and hope to learn as I go, and improve my skills. I have visions of a large corn field next? year :o)

  • YouPlantTube 7 years ago

    Practice makes perfect, I like? to see some of those professional top gardeners who always have excellent conditions to grow plants, try growing in the desert, nice one!