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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote The power of gardening in our lives is one of the most important activities we can do for our health. Combine the garden with friends that stop by and the combination is indescribable but we try in this video. Rob, Joanne and Leanne came to visit us from Reno because they saw our garden grow in the High Desert and had to see it for themselves. We had a delightful visit and they helped with processing green beans and peaches. Thank you so much. You are welcome anytime. Marianne Lawrence from Surviving the Eighties passed away a couple weeks ago. We just received this. Cards, letters and/or donations can be made to the family in care of Craig R. Lawrence @ 2840 24th Ave., Sacramento, CA 95820. Our twelve weeks to Heartiness is changing and will be coming out soon. We are changing it to 8 weeks to Heartiness. Keep watching. We have prepared our course “12 Weeks to Heartiness”. This has been a labor of love and is now in a format that you can use where you are. This goes way beyond the entertainment that we put on YouTube. Many people have made huge changes after watching our YouTube channel. This course is even more helpful. Follow this link to register for the course. Weekly video lessons, exercise routines 5 days a week, recipes and menu ideas, extra videos each week about the science and other background information. Mornings Begin with Breakfast – ePub pdf Jim’s Fitness Channel Regenerate Don’t Degenerate If you would like to help us reach our financial goal at no cost to you, copy this URL This will take you to a page on our website explaining to you how to access […]


  • Maura Buller 1 month ago

    We almost moved to Nevada but decided to buy 4 acres in SW Idaho. My husband wants to visit racetracks around the country. I want to grow food, raise chickens and make quilts. I'm somewhat new to gardening at 65, but will do what I can in this high desert that averages 10 inches of rain a year. I'm following you!

  • Patti & Art 1 month ago

    Miss you both . Glad you are working on building a homesteading community where you are . Nice to meet your friends.

  • CiaoBella 1 month ago

    Jim and Rhenda, how old are you now? I am 71, and I live on my own in a small village in northern Tuscany in Italy. I lived most of my adult life in the US while working in public health but made the decision to move here in Italy so my small resources could buy me a humble stone house. Not having to pay rent or a mortgage means I can live on my social security. It doesn't provide a luxurious life, but certainly a healthier one. Since I don't have a husband and live alone, it is tougher to do most things like carrying heavy groceries up and down steep stairs in the village, or pushing a wheelbarrow full of pellet bags for my pellet stove. I just tell myself it will keep my cardiovascular system strong haha. Anyway, I enjoy your channel. God bless you both.

  • Leslie Worthy 1 month ago

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your dear friend

  • Lee Garner 1 month ago

    Your garden is incredible puts mine to shame,it has been a hot,dry summer for us in eastern Tennessee,over 70 days of temps 90 and above,with high humidity,very little rain.So great to see you all doing good.

  • Karen Hernke 1 month ago

    Amazing video! Love you both
    Greetings from Wisconsin.

  • Rachelle Bennett 1 month ago

    your garden is awesome! can you (or do you have a video) on the drip system you use?

  • Bonnie Orris 1 month ago

    So glad you two are taking care of each other and family. Looking forward to your next adventures.

  • Cynthia Fisher 1 month ago

    Oh, so sorry to hear about Marianne, for her family’s sake, but so happy she is home with Jesus. I have been thinking about her and praying for her and her family.
    I wish you could have made it out to Santa Rosa. We decided to go at the last minute and had an awesome time meeting a lot of the youtubers we follow.
    Great to meet Rob and Joanne and Leanne! Looks like they were good helpers.

  • Boldly Grow Homestead 1 month ago

    I was just wanting to ask you about Marianne =[ I caught on to her late but she was a wonderfully sweet woman.

    I am still early on in the youtubing but I appreciate the community that exists!

  • Brenda Montanye 1 month ago

    What a lovely and encouraging update. All summer I have been so busy and not able to keep up with many of my YouTube friends and mentors. I've decided that busy=blessed so I am okay with it, but this fall is supposed to be less taken up by grand kiddos and farm and garden so hopefully I can turn my focus back to some of my health commitments. Not that I haven't been making good choices, but a good solid "tweak" is in order. I will miss the extra grandkid time and the garden time though…. I am trying to work out some fall and winter goals. One fun thing is that we dismantled a hoop house we found on Marketplace in August. We did it in the pouring rain but the frame is now in the barn like a treasure. I hope that we can set the pipes where the conduit hoops go before the ground freezes, but we have some other huge jobs that need to happen at the farm so I'm not sure. It sure would be cool to have the hoop house ready to go in the spring. My new raised beds at home were an amazing success, a best ever year. I already know what I want to do with them this fall to get them ready for an even better year in 2020. My new farm garden was pretty great too, thanks to the first time use of landscape fabric. I want to get it up after I harvest the winter squash. I'm hoping the frost doesn't come soon but probably within the month. Do you hope to set up the garden at your daughter's house for next year? Or will you switch your time over to Tim and Connie's? It is good to have dreams; helps so much when I get sad about summer's end.
    Thank you for mentioning Marianne. She sure was a good example and an encouragement.

  • Linda Rae 1 month ago

    Have missed your videos. Your garden is absolutely amazing! Many blessings your way.

  • Lois Wilson 1 month ago

    Good to see you. We are heading your way in November. Will email you when we are ready to leave. We would love to get together with both of you. Marianne was a dear person, we had hoped to see her on this trip as well. Hope to see you soon

  • Tina Coppenbarger 1 month ago

    It sure was nice to see you both. Have a great weekend.

  • Linda Kurtz 1 month ago

    I'll miss seeing y'all at the Homesteaders Conference-my first time. Bigger picture-of course we miss y'all, but you have focused on the more important issue-yourselves and your family. A great reminder to all of us to focus on the MOST important things. The community will be here as and when you are able to join us. Take care.

  • Diane Charles 1 month ago

    Beautiful! Nice making friends with the same love of growing!

  • What a blessing you guys are! I was encouraged to get going in my fall prepping in my garden and to plan for the future. Again, you guys are so inspiring and encouraging. Thank you.

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