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  • Kaye Kittrell | Late Bloomer Urban Organic Garden Show 7 months ago

    Click the card up right on the video or here for Charle's channel, Old Alabama Gardener:

  • OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY 7 months ago

    what a nice visit =)

  • Diane D 7 months ago

    Great video!!!!!! So interesting, thanks.

  • Kelly Gibson [SEMS] 7 months ago

    Great job Patti! Love your tips and your dedication. Thanks Kaye for having one of our own on your show!

  • Monica Delgado 7 months ago

    Love the video and took my notes! Thanks Kaye and Patti

  • Laurie Hines 7 months ago

    Georgia soil is usually hard red clay. My whole garden is covered in woodchips. Thanks for an informative video again.

  • markelious 7 months ago

    The orange flowers ……..what are they¿

  • Charu's little desert garden! 7 months ago

    Wow…loved it…I wish I could visit you….you know currently I am also keeping my tomato plants fed and alive but in shade and they have started blooming and setting little fruits….it is sometimes above 50°c here in UAE.

  • Patti Hayden 7 months ago

    Kaye, that was so much fun visiting you and seeing the garden in person. You’ve done a lot in such a small space. You have truly inspired me over the last year and my garden shows it! It’s never to late to grow your own food and my wish is that all your viewers will share this story which can give everyone hope that if I can have this kind of success in my desert soil anything is possible! ❤️

  • Sarah Geller 7 months ago

    I hope she starts a YouTube channel! We need more people on here who are starting out. It encourages new gardeners to keep growing. Thanks for all you do Kaye!

  • ThymeToSow 7 months ago

    Great interview, Kaye! I have clay soil, too, so I know her pain. Thank you for sharing!

  • Chris Towerton 7 months ago

    From the personal testimony of diverse folks living out to the four corners of our globe, whether clay, sand, wet or dry, the one all cure seems to be getting organic matter on the ground… We own much to the hard working biota that then incorporates and transforms it into a living soil… Perhaps gardeners should also consider themselves farmers in that sense… 🙂

  • Patrick Meehan 7 months ago

    A truly wonderful video about growing a crop in the Desert in Las Vagas. Patty is a very enthusiastic gardener. Somehow you are always able to find interesting people, Kaye. With kindest regards, Patrick xx

  • Daisy Jo 7 months ago

    When you speak of another channel Why don’t you put them down in the information.. it would be helpful and you will have the same done for you ❤️

  • CJ Verde 7 months ago

    You have parrots. But national Geographic just posted something about part species declining. Wow!

  • Jean Mitchell 7 months ago

    Great video Kaye, it was fascinating to hear Patty's experience of gardening in Las Vegas. Learned about pulling dirty away from bulbing onions a few years ago, I have had great luck doing that. Can't wait for video #2 of Patty's visit to your beautiful urban garden.

  • Angela Burnett-Mero 7 months ago

    Wonderful video, beautiful garden and music. Great info too, just the facts : ))
    Looking forward to Part 2, and more of the beauty you bring to this world.

  • Jacky Daw 7 months ago

    Nice video kay…. how does she grow garlic on her side of the world??
    Well that's if she mentioned it to you ….. thumbs up to you both!!!!

  • Cragfire Gardening 7 months ago

    Very nice Kaye, I'm looking forward to part 2. 🙂

  • Stephanie Pocchia [Education Center - General] 7 months ago

    Great tips for gardening in Las Vegas! Thank you Kaye & Patty!

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