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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Canyon de Chelly (pronounced “de Shay”) is in Arizona in the Navajo Nation. To go into the canyon you must go with a Navaio guide. Thank you Edwina for sharing your people’s culture and history. Reflecting one of the longest continuously inhabited landscapes of North America, it preserves ruins of the early indigenous tribes that lived in the area, including the Ancient Pueblo Peoples (also called Anasazi) and Navajo. This video was recorded using the GoPro Hero 4+ ========================================­­­================ Music by Ron Anderson. The music and the end is by OBLIQUE QUARTET Thanks for watching, subscribe for updates and don’t forget to hit that damn like button ========================================­­­================ Mylungpuppy is the channel of musician Ron Anderson. I have been making avant-music for over forty years in a number of different projects; PAK, The Molecules, RonRuins, Oblique Quartet and numerous collaborations and solo. I combine composition and improvisation exploring the regions where they intersect. Sometimes my music is brutal, but I’m not afraid of melody, in general my work is pretty much “out there”. The main focus of my channel is music, but I also make vlogs on various subjects, cycling, touring and traveling, vegan food, rare vinyl LPs, audio field recordings, etc. Because not everyone is going to be interested in all the subjects covered on this channel, I have made playlists so you do not have to search through videos to find what you are looking for. I try to answer questions and respond to as many comments as I can, any and all feedback from you is welcome. I’m trying to make at least one or two new videos a week. Video Rating: / 5


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