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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Join us for a few nights hiking in Arizona’s Superstition Wilderness in Tonta National Forest. We will take a look at local plant and wildlife, I’ll show you one of my favorite pieces of gear and show you how to repair your ripped tent or jacket. Video Rating: / 5 SOLO MULE DEER HUNT ARIZONA 2013 Video Rating: / 5


  • ulas1986 4 years ago

    what knife was used to cut open the potato. reminds me of mine :D

  • David Aguirre 4 years ago

    where does your dog sleep at night ??

  • Kyle Neumann 4 years ago

    You are very awesome. love your videos

  • Sebastian Vigl 4 years ago

    So beautiful. Thx a lot. I could´t imagine how beautiful this landscape is..

  • Tyler Ringquist 4 years ago

    Hey Austin, love the video. I remember when you used to work at ohana. Hope you and Summit are doing good. Tyler

  • Ruben SmallBeard 4 years ago

    I really like your channel, you visit some beautifull places. Keep posting those awesome vids on the tube. Greetings from the Netherlands

  • Allan Hernandez1973 4 years ago

    Hola from Costa Rica, my 8 year old son and I enjoy your videos, and watching Summit. You have inspired us to discover our small country and make our own videos to share. hope you can visit us someday.

  • pasquale amodei 4 years ago

    nice video, nice place! i like wildlife!

  • Udaiveer Singh 4 years ago

    Make a Patreon account so I can give you like $2 per video. The guy at DevTips has a Patreon account. You can look at his channel and include it in your videos so you can get more money to make more videos! =)

  • Nature Calls 4 years ago

    Awesome video. I love you teach. Ton of knowledge inside you.

  • Wolf Landscaping 4 years ago

    Awesome video, Thanks!What kind of dog do you have? Seems like the ultimate trail dog, alert/aware.
    One of my favorite foil meals is chicken thighs with dried tortellini and diced onion, carrots and mushrooms. 15 min on either side in the coals and 45 min indirect heat. The veggies help to steam the tortellini.

  • Heyzipupyourfly 4 years ago

    Awesome, thanks for sharing!

  • The Northwest Forager 4 years ago

    Beautiful wilderness. Must have been an amazing hike, thanks for taking us along! Greetings from Oregon :D

  • Anna's Dog Boarding 4 years ago

    Very good filming and editing. I'm hooked on your videos!

  • Pumpkin Village Maple 4 years ago

    Very nice and you have a good hiking crew there.
    Take care,

  • uptrail71 4 years ago

    Very Good! I will make it out to Arizona someday. Bob

  • jessykapop 4 years ago

    Great video…

  • PAUL WOOLRICH 4 years ago

    No matter where you are your videos are so very well presented the desert has its own special beauty which you have captured so well.

  • Mark DeKruyter 4 years ago

    Thank you for that video; awesome.

  • Renegade Scot 4 years ago

    Great film to watch and well put together. Subscribed.

  • Brig T 4 years ago

    Great job on a super video. It's not all just about the monster kill. I could'nt agree more.

  • Boneyard Brotherhood 4 years ago

    What a hunt! Congrats on a nice buck! Awesome footage! Congrats!

  • Gerald Beauchamp 4 years ago

    Well said brother that's the truth!!!

  • Dustin Reeder 4 years ago

    I would like to thank you for this video. I hunted hard this year and was unable to harvest in the areas where I usually hunt. One of the only hunts left open was the desert. I put in 3 long days out there with no luck. Disappointed with myself I looked up videos and found yours. The words you said at the end of the video really motivated me and touched my soul. I went out the following day after watching the video for my final hunt. I was out there at 5am and hunted till 3pm with no sign of any deer. I then remembered your video when I was about to head back to the truck. I decided to make my way to a tree patch i saw on google maps. On my way there I ran into several does, watching them waiting for the buck to appear. He never did and the does wandered off. I then continued to the tree patch where I was sure I would find some more deer. When I get to the trees there is not even sign of deer being there. This was 3 miles of walking to the tree patch. I then start making my way back to my four wheeler. about 1/4 miles away from my wheeler I spot a lone deer from 1500 yards. It's a buck! I watch as he plays around charging the bushes like he was fighting. I watched this for about 30 minutes then start to crawl towards him. I was able to get a 400 yard shot and took him down. Nice 3 point with an 18" spread, I was more than happy just to harvest. This never would have happened if it wasn't for your video. I wouldn't even have gone out again. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. THANK YOU!!!

  • winchester cam 4 years ago

    Was that near 34a?

  • Robert Orozco 4 years ago

    Love it!

  • CG_ Gaming 4 years ago

    amazing. haha i love seeing hardcore music in hunting videos like this. great video man. and nice buck!

  • Eric Hernandez 4 years ago

    this is my favorite song by ABR, nice choice man!

  • scarney19 4 years ago

    August burns red! Great music

  • Zach Colson 4 years ago

    Loved the ending speech, going out on my first big game hunt in January for archery Javelina. Good luck out there to you and everyone else.

  • Allan Bartol 4 years ago

    Congratulations on filling your tag. I know how difficult it can be hunting desert mule deer, especially with a camera in tow. We put together a small series of videos about our hunt this year. We had some mishaps but it was a lot of fun and we learned a lot. I subscribed to your channel and am looking forward to more. Good job!

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