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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] Join Sara & I for 3 days of desert hiking, backpacking & camping in the Superstition Mountains. And who knows – maybe Sara will find the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine. GPS Data at Join Sara & I for 3 days of desert hiking, backpacking & camping in the Superstition Mountains. And who knows – maybe Sara will find the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine… For this desert backpacking trip, we’ll be hiking a loop in the Superstition Wilderness, within the greater Tonto National Forest – about 60 miles east of Phoenix, Arizona. Not only was this a beautiful and scenic hike due to the stark desert surroundings and sharp, rugged peaks, but this particular region has added bonus – a rich history full of intrigue and lore right at home in your favorite spaghetti western flick… For a easier read, with maps, pics, etc, check out the full blog post / trip report here: Below is a truncated version for YouTube: …The most notable and famous of those stories being that of Jacob Waltz, or as it’s commonly referred to, the mystery of the Lost Dutchman’s Gold. Somehow, Jacob knew where a bunch of gold was in these mountains, and he kept it a complete secret, despite rumors throughout the years that he knew about it’s location. People would try to follow him when he went into the mountains, but he always lost them, or at the least, waved a gun at them until they left. Finally, on his death bed in 1891, he confirmed the gold mine and gave some info on it’s whereabouts to two individuals. Apparently, it wasn’t quite enough info, because they never found it after years of searching. Word spread, many more people started searching, and they continue to search until this […]


  • Michael Kurz 3 years ago

    Beautiful young couple, Beautiful video

  • dylan vincent 3 years ago

    im right on superstition mountain, how did you plan your watering holes out? was there a website?

  • billder999 3 years ago

    What time of year were you hiking with all the nice running water? What filtration system are you using? 3 days, how many miles? 50 years ago (when I was a young lad) the central AZ mountain areas were full of javelina, deer, antelope… did you see any? I like Sara's sleeping pad… looks comfy. OK, one more question… would a walking staff have been useful for poking around for snakes, moving aside cat's claw, etc?

  • Victor Maxwell 3 years ago

    I've lived here in Tempe (PHX Metro) for 17yrs. Thanks for documenting your hike/camping trip…That saves me a trip..LOL I prefer driving the Apache Trail in the Superstition Mtn area for my AZ scenic viewing. Good move on your part doing your hike in January rather than late spring or summer !! I believe we do get most of our rain in the winter and's usually bone dry in the summer months though..I didn't realize that there was that much water and green oasis areas there..

  • Cleve Stanley 3 years ago

    I bet you do not even bring a gun do you? AZ is a gun friendly state and with what is out there you are a damn foll not to bring a gun

  • John McKelvey 3 years ago

    Syntax… thank you for posting this video and more importantly the gps data. My wife and I did the same loop just last weekend. we skipped blacktop Mesa on the Bull Run trail though and got back pretty early on day three. Awesome, quiet, surprisingly wet place and I'm just real grateful you did the planning leg work for us. Keep it up!

  • Josh M 3 years ago

    Really enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing!!

  • C james 3 years ago

    Too bad they couldn't get a close up of the rarely seen Dsert Beaver.

  • Hambone's Ozark outdoor adventures 3 years ago

    do you guys ever explore areas in different states like Missouri? also do you guys ever "bushwack" no trails just hike strait into the unknown? loved your video now i miss the great state of Arizona. got you subbed in keep posting!

  • Wow you guys have a lot of energy to fly from Philly then drive and hike all day!

  • tom elbrecht 3 years ago

    Luv your videos I hope you make money on these video s because there more entertaining than 99 percent of tv thanks for sharing

  • Michael Kirwan 3 years ago

    I love the LaBarge/Charlebois area -great video!

  • Lennie Lefler 3 years ago

    Great hike and video guys!! I've been to the Supers 20+ times from 1970-2009…..Did you realize when you pointed your finger at 53:05 towards Bluff Spring Mountain—that the area in shadows half way up is where many people believe the Lost Dutchman was??? A Best selling book, "The Killer Mountains" ( author Curt Gentry) was about that area and the man who thought he found the Dutchman, Glenn Magill…He spent 30 years of his life, 1960-s 1990…Looking…..Where you 2 from back east, or did I miss that??? Take care…Thanks again for great memories…..

  • OTT MOUNTAIN 3 years ago

    Hi Sintax love the videos thanks for all the great adventures!  On this video where Sara falls and also on your Broken Face video, we definitely can relate to the accidents that can happen on the trail. My wife also fell this past summer had a severe arm fracture while we were backpacking in West Virginia.  We had to hike out of the wilderness and she eventually had surgery and a metal plate installed to hold her bones together.  It was a simple mistake that led to the accident as she was getting around a downed tree.  Ironically my wife's a safety manager so we talk about safety all the time yet the accident still happened.  Sometimes I think sometimes we hikers/backpackers get complacent and maybe rush too much or take unnecessary risks….  So my question is, have you thought about putting together a video that shows how to handle accident prevention / accident response to potential risks on the trail?  Potential trail risks range anywhere from ticks to lightning, getting lost, trips and falls, flash floods, widow makers, bears, etc…Got trail safety on our minds…thanks man!  Oh by the way, Lisa's new trail name is "bone crusher"

  • 21shamsham 3 years ago

    The temperature change from day to night in the desert is so dramatic you feel colder during the dark time period

  • 21shamsham 3 years ago

    Desert fox poo?

  • 21shamsham 3 years ago

    Gets pretty windy in the desert at dusk and dawn, did you guys notice that?

  • 21shamsham 3 years ago

    I'm jelly!!! Would love to hike there

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