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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Transplanting cactus pieces can be used to grow an entirely new plant in a different section of your yard. Transplant cactus pieces with help from a professional garden designer and landscape contractor in this free video clip. Expert: Jane Gates Contact: Bio: Jane Gates has worked for decades as a horticulturist, professional garden designer, landscape contractor, garden writer, garden coach and home gardener. Filmmaker: John Baldino Series Description: Different areas in your yard must be treated differently during the planning of a landscaping project, especially if some areas get more water than others. Get home landscaping tips with help from a professional garden designer and landscape contractor in this free video series. Video Rating: / 5 In this vid we show the art of cactus mini-landscaping. It is a true art where the purpose is to resemble the natural enviroment of succulent plants in a small container. This will extend the hobby and you may even give it a scientific turn. Please enjoy. Demonstrated by ruud tropper. Please use only plant material from certified sources. Common cacti and other succulents may turn into a real new experience. Just use your imagination or explore the internet to get a impression of the natural habit of the plants. You may even try to mimic a certain composition you see on a picture or video. I hope this will give people some extra pleassure. Video Rating: / 5

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  • Laura Pati 4 years ago

    thanks love u?

  • waynesworldwaniac 4 years ago

    I found some of these same cactus growing "wild" next to an abandoned property near where i live. (There's about 30 of them!) So I cut about two out of the ground and brought them home. I transplanted them just like in this video! Very helpful! Thanks for sharing!

  • ponciarello79 4 years ago

    hy what kind of soil mix do you use in this video ??

  • Domenico Pacchiarotti 4 years ago

    Very beautiful and a great idea. I'll try it… 🙂

  • DRCEVNL 4 years ago

    It is a challenge to have the plants grow like you will meet them in their natural enviroment. It looks so much better tham just a plant in a container.
    Also, when your available room for plants is limited, you can have still say ten beautifull mini landscapes to enjoy.

  • Don't Usually Comment 4 years ago

    what's the point of that?

  • DRCEVNL 4 years ago

    That is possible. But i want to keep it small and easy to handle. Its a matter of managing the available space in the greenhouse. There is always a shortage in my case.

  • acerb45666555 4 years ago

    Why not just create a (mini-landscape) deal in that big plastic box! That could hold 20 more cactus and other plant's for some diversity!

  • VlogsavecMartial 4 years ago

    wow, really beautiful mini landscapes !

  • DRCEVNL 4 years ago

    @blazicm Hi, thanks for this very nice comment

  • milos blazic 4 years ago

    This is the best youtube video ever

  • DRCEVNL 4 years ago

    @olenuksi I am not sure what PH tehre natural environment is. If it is sandstone they probably will tolerate or love a PH around 7. Both species grow very slow on their own roots. So i would not add to much chalk, because it can slow them down even more.

  • olenuksi 4 years ago

    Hi! It's me again, I am planning to plant some Geohintonias and Aztekiums, but I want to imitate the natural substrate in which they develop, and as I can't get natural gypsum… do you think I could add chalk used here for Epithelanthas to my seedbed?

    Thank You!

  • DRCEVNL 4 years ago

    @fattydogs123 Thanks! More examples or more landscape or ideas like patterns?

  • DRCEVNL 4 years ago

    @olenuksi It is called flugsand(flugzand) in Europe. It is a light weigthed sand from vulcanic nature. Sometimes called bimskies.

  • olenuksi 4 years ago

    One more question:
    what is the peat/soil that you are using at 1:30?

  • DRCEVNL 4 years ago

    @olenuksi that is right, including the geological conditions. It is part of the fun.

  • olenuksi 4 years ago

    Once you know the conditions under which each species living in natural conditions, this should be easy
    I need more research of each species and its habitat

  • isidro barcenas 4 years ago

    Thank You! Will definitely try this