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  • Selvi N 1 month ago

    Beautiful garden …super …..super

  • ANAND BABU KANDULA 1 month ago


  • Ethel Bunda 1 month ago

    Amazing… I wish i could have a place like these…

  • Jesus Gonzalez 1 month ago

    Manualidades na videñas

  • Janice D'CUNHA 1 month ago

    Bloomingly amazing and awesome. Great garden to destress.

  • Usha Menon 1 month ago

    Very beautiful is it real

  • Linda White 1 month ago

    Whoever took these photos is an ARTIST!!! Who is HARD WORKING and SELECTIVE with excellent taste!!! BEAUTIFUL…INSPIRATIONAL….
    WORTHWHILE…..I SUBSCRIBED WITH A BELL because of this photographer…or selection of photographs.What a GREAT eye for everything aesthetic!!!! THANK YOU.

  • Marge Siedlecki 1 month ago

    I like the people riding bikes.

  • สร้อยฟ้า เลิศนา 1 month ago

    สวัสดีคะ สวยมากๆอยากมีบ้านอยากมีสวนดอกไม้แบบนี้บ้างจังเลยเ มื่อไรจะถูกหวยรางวัลที่1นะ

  • geo natures views 1 month ago

    Simply beautiful ❤❤❤❤

  • Ringo Vainer 1 month ago


  • Home Safe 1 month ago

    Paradis sur terre, contempler ses belles images et rêver!!!!!!

  • Mesmerizingly beautiful !!

  • bunga anggrek 1 month ago

    Itu pot dan bunga2 ditempel ditembok,meragukan kebenarannya sebab,
    A. Tembok tuh berdebu. Air menetes mengalir ditembok. Knp tdk ada noda debu di tembok???
    Bunga disemprot sama saja,ada air ditembok yg berdebu.
    B. Cat temboknya bersih bgt. Aneh warnanya jika sudah 2 hari berlalu sejak dicat.
    C. Terlihat rame meski warna2.

    Lain2 nya simple dan fresh color tanamannya,catching desainnya,artistik prosedurnya.
    Dan aku berpikir perawatannya. Gitchu.

  • Jaspint Kaur 1 month ago

    0:46 how would they water those plants? …….btw looks beautiful

  • Samaila Narzary 1 month ago

    So beautiful

  • Toxic Soul 1 month ago

    Stupid ads.

  • Jayashree Sreedharan 1 month ago


  • Jayashree Sreedharan 1 month ago

    It's. Just. Lovely

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