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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Hi everyone! I’m back today with another house plant haul for you. This time it’s Cacti & succulents I got from the market. I’m going to keep the cactus indoors but think I’m going to plant the succulents outside on my roof terrace. I can feel another DIY coming on! Let me know any names and which is your favourite, and don’t forget to tag me in your pictures I love seeing them all! 🙂 Please click subscribe for weekly videos and click the thumbs up if you enjoyed this video. Subscribe: MY SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram:… Twitter: Blog: PREVIOUS PLANT HAULS: Music: YouTube audio library. Video Rating: / 5


  • Bobbi Kalmer 7 months ago

    One cacti I recognize is an oxtail succulent. It is the one with many arms.

  • Maxine So Bless 7 months ago

    i love them they are all beautiful

  • CrazyCactusCollector 7 months ago

    Great cacti and succulents 🙂

  • Alisa Wong 7 months ago

    Cuteness overload. Really love your sempervivums, especially at 5:04. Wish we had that species available here more often! 🙂 Try to avoid getting the rosettes wet as much as possible, they rot extremely easily. Probably because their structure really traps moisture XD

  • Karl Yenson 7 months ago

    Lovely plants, nice vibrant colours. I like houseplants too you can never have too many!

  • Tammy Finch 7 months ago

    They are sempervivum, hens and chicks.

  • Inzamamulhaq Haq 7 months ago

    The small cacti is so cute
    U could make succulent or cacti garden all succulent and cactus are stunning beautiful

  • Nemanja Filipović 7 months ago

    Amazing, they are so expensive where I live

  • Given To Grow 7 months ago

    Oh wow what amazing cacti you picked up. 🙂 Love them all! "Do these have names"? LOL Yes.. yes they all have names. You can also give them names. hehe

  • Franz von Köller 7 months ago

    the first of the big ones is an euphorbia, the third is a gastria, the forth is an astrophytum. On the small ones you have a few euphorbias as well, with actually aren't cacti, they're succulents that evolved in parallel ways because of growing in very similar environments. Enjoy the new babies 😉

  • Pleasant Prickles 7 months ago

    Oops! I meant gasteria when I said haworthia, but it is also called Ox tongue. Lol.

  • Pleasant Prickles 7 months ago

    The one you commented about being related to an aloe is a Haworthia, sometimes called Ox tongue.Your beach windmills and the one before it are astrophytum! Great haul! Looking forward to plant tour!

  • Kevin Low 7 months ago

    Nice!! I always try to control myself from buying plants, but everytime I see something that I don't have its hard not to get it lols

  • Will William 7 months ago

    Great plant haul! They are really cute and such great deal though. Looking forward to your houseplants tour video Iwan!

  • Emily Bointon 7 months ago

    The Ninja Turtle one is a Euphorbia Globosa. 🙂

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