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  • Mary Taylor 1 week ago

    The fire stick plant needs direct sun to get red.

  • Heather B Nice 1 week ago

    First off. Everyone watch all adda… Supoort her ( this is my second time watching. … Also I just bought cacti I have no idea what kind how often do we water they are indoor I live in Ohio also I wanna let you know that I'm blaming you for me buying them because I saw your old man's cacti and I loved it the name so I went out and got one and he came in a bundle…

  • wendy pearson 1 week ago

    My Australis has rounded/oval shaped tips, it looks very different than your mom's Australis. I'm turning into a Hoya Head and loving it!!!

  • Brigitte Rauscher 1 week ago

    Your Mom has great plants! Very happy for you that you could visit!

  • Maria Chicmommaplants 1 week ago


  • Sue Kuly 1 week ago

    Did you grow up in Arizona? If so, why did you leave? Your Mom’s cacti look amazing.

  • Twisty Sunshine 1 week ago

    Gotta love seeing cacti thrive!

  • Debi Hediger 1 week ago

    The artichoke looking plants are agave…in the aloe family though. Very pokie tips.

  • Aimee Hodgin 1 week ago

    I LOVELoveLOve that you came down with your kiddalas, to Mama Clean Leaves home to spend time! August is a ghastly month for Arizona!!! Nodding!!! Her yard plants/ Euphorbia's & Cacti are doing SO WELL!!! YAH! Her master bedroom is massive! LOVE!!! Enjoy your trip! Oooh, one of the drinks I love drinking in August in the ARIZONA Green Tea with Ginsing! Ginsing has a property that the Koreans love to heat their food & drinks up to make it a cooler day! Wink Wink Nod Nod! Have a wonderful stay!!

  • leshrea1 1 week ago

    Hey Nichole, would you guys be Inter in a 4’ Euphorbia ammak, with 10 propagable babies ?

  • Cheryl Faulkner 1 week ago

    I remember my days in Paradise Valley!!!!

  • Meg Self 1 week ago

    I'm totally amazed the Impatiens are thriving in that temperature. Your mom has a magic touch with all the beautiful blooms and healthy green foliage on hers. Her plants are all so awesome.

  • Entrepreneur Investor Neo North 1 week ago

    Thank you for sharing this. Only have 2 plants, but hope to keep them alive with your guidance. Wishing everyone success on their plant journey

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