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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote John from answers your organic gardening questions. In this episode, John will answer the following questions: 1. Is ornamental rosemary edible? 2. Have you ever grown ostrich fern (fiddle head) ferns as a perennial edible crop? 3. Do I have to cut my herbs down for winter? 4. What do you think of the Mittleider method of growing a garden? 5. Why are there no pumpkin, butternut or zuchinni squash on the ANDI list? 6. What were the results with the Home Depot Kellogg all natural vegetable garden soil that is OMRI Organic certified? 7. Whats the best soil to use to grow a vegetable garden in Las Vegas? 8. Help! Nothing is growing in my clay soil, what can I do to fix it? After watching this episode, you will have John’s answers to the above questions, and you will probably learn a few other things as well. Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • PedoWookie 7 years ago

    What do you mean one of the best! Its? the best of all!

  • junito1957 7 years ago

    John is their anyway you could make a video on lavender? it a herb and? one of the best flowering plants to give to your bees and their awesome essential oil is use for many things. how about it?

  • corporatejungles 7 years ago

    What is your favorite herb and why??

  • Daraluz Ravenwood 7 years ago

    Great questions and your? answers helped alot!

  • Wigwigwakawaka 7 years ago

    How’s your grow boxes doing, I’m building a self watering container right now, not quite sure on the mix, i’m using a high quality potting soil (Empire Builder) combined? with vermiculite and coco coir.

  • Candy Rayne 7 years ago

    Beautiful kale bloom behind? you!

  • mezleona 7 years ago

    Hi John, I found some cheap raised bed ( 29.00) there made of composite lumber, are this safe to grow? veggies in?..

  • raygrowtx 7 years ago

    i hope he just comes out one day and shows? us his lol

  • happybuddyperson 7 years ago

    John,? what is your opinion on Kohl Rabi?

  • condalicia 7 years ago

    The containers that you are sitting next to how often do you water those? and? how much?

  • Ryan Pharr 7 years ago

    The UNR orchard on Horse Rd. out in NW Vegas? has organic compost they make on site. They also have free mulch.

  • blackcat2enterprises 7 years ago

    I just knew you were going to say soda mainly because I am drinking a glass of it now. :p I think some things in moderation though are not quite all? that bad. 🙂 I enjoy watching your videos & I have grown my own veggies before in pots. One cherry tomato plant did crazy well – it grew along the fence measuring nearly 7 ft. I was giving them away to my neighbors because I had more than one cherry tomato plant. Soon investing in an acre & look forward to more growing once there.

    – Heidi

  • linzertube 7 years ago

    Yeah, you’re great, John. Thanks? for sharing knowledge and for the laughs.

  • Jberd Zamorano 7 years ago

    John you are? the man!!!

  • santi781 7 years ago

    I’m all about Rose? Mary’s Bush. Giggidy.

  • TheWorldOfDCC 7 years ago

    awesome vid? john!!!!

  • BuddyJesusSmokes 7 years ago

    your one of the best people i have found on? youtube for gardening info and entertainment. thanks

  • TheNewRenaissance 7 years ago

    Fiddle head ferns would? make a really good use of a more shady location that would not be good for most vegetables.

  • r3bol 7 years ago

    I’m still hoping that one day, someone will invite John to their? medicinal marijuana grow op.

  • jo232409 7 years ago

    Hi there – you should check out the Back To Eden garden system. The creator of the system is very heavy with religious talk, but the concepts are simple: put wood chips down on your ground, and? grow everything in the wood chips. It works well with perennials, I’m going to experiment in the spring with the system.

    Check it out! Cheers.

  • garden333 7 years ago

    I forgot to add you do have to wait a few years when using only wood chips, but the rewards are great and? saves you lots of money, and it helps with water run off. If you don’t like the look of wood chips put a fine layer of mulch or pine straw on top.

  • garden333 7 years ago

    When doing a raised bed if possible put logs of wood on bottom then put lots of leaves, then fill with you soil, compost, and use some of the clay soil, look up hugelkultur it works great. This is what happens in the wood naturally. The logs help hold in moisture for years. In some areas I used just wood chips free from tree cutters and the area is almost ready to plant, it holds lots of moisture and the mushrooms that were growing also helps the soil (No more soil erosion in the? front yard.

  • Daniel Allouche 7 years ago

    if the money is an issue and you are in shape maybe there are other ways. one way would be to amend the soil with sand and forestry compost which has large none decomposed matter in it that will keep the clay from clumping. You also want to look for free lumber for the raised beds.I use discarded 5 gallon nursery containers.For that matter any large containers will do. There? is a world of free stuff out there if you ask around and make your own compost.
    Happy gardening

  • Daniel Allouche 7 years ago

    This is for those of you who can. Make? you own compost. I’ve been doing it for twelve years and earth worms are my best friends.i have found that bigger is better when it comes to composting.Use a two stage system at least and if you have the room make three stages. Don’t mix the compost with a shovel in the first stage.You’ll decimate the worm population.The best tool is a pitch fork. If you have one of those twist tillers they work well also.

  • HFDP49 7 years ago

    To littlepup 01 I live in Illinois. My house is built on a old farm field. The ground is mostly clay. I tried everything I could to get my garden to produce something more than weeds. I finally went to raised beds with compost and I have no real problems now. ?