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  • Devin Tatro 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing! this is great!

  • Andrew Sy 3 years ago

    Love all your vlogs and photos!! You're amazing for sharing this!! Do you ever use the sharpening module in Lr?

  • TheChameleon2008 3 years ago

    Awesome video and thanks for sharing this because not a lot of people are willing to share their editing skills so props!

  • Therese McLay 3 years ago

    can you do a video all on how do use the tone curve and what a preset is? thank and great job i love all your work!!!

  • Jonas V 3 years ago

    So in bright daylight you are taking landscape photos with ISO 160, 1/2000s and your lens wide open at 2.8? Why?

  • HANSTAH 3 years ago

    what were the settings you used to take the photos tho? o:

  • Julia Marie 3 years ago

    Hi! Curious what preset you use?? Love your work!

  • Mia Valletta 3 years ago

    what lens are you shooting with ? @andrewtkearns

  • Albert Garcia Jr. 3 years ago

    don't you think VSCO does just as good a job for free?

  • Heartbridge Company 3 years ago

    this was an amazing amazing video

  • bronzerunner41 3 years ago

    man, I needa stop hyping myself up binge watching these photography videos. I have no computer anymore for editing, no more camera for shooting. is this what death feels like?

  • Justin Leiva 3 years ago

    i would love to know your process to get your photos to instagram after your done editing. I'm losing quality and color the way i have been doing it. I would love to know your process if you have time to tell me i know you are a busy man.

  • byazeab 3 years ago

    This takes talent, wow very inspiring

  • RobertGoulet298 3 years ago

    These videos are SUPER useful and are great teaching tools. Thank you for sharing your methods.

  • Josh James 3 years ago

    Love this one bro. Nice work. Definitely helped me out

  • Lorena Pozas Frankenberg 3 years ago

    Hey 🙂 Great video, the pictures are gorgeous. I was wondering, which camera did you use to take them?

  • Kahlan Joy 3 years ago

    Definitely excited to take more photos! I think part of editing a photo well also has to do with a good photo to begin with. Good lighting originally and nice tones from the start will have the best turnout. Just like yours! Haha. Great work, cheers.

  • We Build Stuff 3 years ago

    Is it just me that accidentally tries to grab an adjustment slider when watching videos like this.
    Thanks for the vid Andrew. I hope to run into you one day on an adventure.

  • Ayushi Goyal 3 years ago

    what z sbe doinggh

  • Annie Sinnige 3 years ago

    echt heel mooi van kleur bedankt Annie

  • paula brindle 3 years ago

    what paper is she using

  • GracieShack shack 3 years ago

    Amazing Painting Lindsay! your super talented! I am warm again 🙂 and I am sketching /Painting today! heating back on! :)

  • Joshua Tichota 3 years ago

    I am having trouble with pine trees, fir trees, etc. do you have a video on painting scenery that has pine and fir trees?

  • Eugenia Botezatu 3 years ago


  • chrys ying 3 years ago

    if i normal art paper will it work?

  • Helen Droitsch 3 years ago

    This is wonderful. I like the southwest approach. I also love the patter

  • Mohan Jeewan 3 years ago

    how and were you keep your camera for filming

  • Gail Gassen 3 years ago

    Your so much fun!

  • JoAnn E 3 years ago

    Your sky turned out great!

  • Jayne Sills 3 years ago

    I am fairly new to your channel. I really enjoy your videos. You also make things fun. Thanks.

  • Linda Parsons 3 years ago

    What size of brushes did you use for this painting?

  • Elizabeth Brandon 3 years ago

    Very nice. The different colors in the sky are great.

  • EzmeCM98 3 years ago

    I'm from the South-West and I live in a valley/dessert and I can definitely say that your painting looks like something I would find on the walking trails we have here. I think it's even better that you aren't from the South-West because you can capture the beauty way better because you don't see those fields and mountains everyday so you don't get use to them.

  • Zymoon Rabaino 3 years ago


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