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Desert Gardens


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  • Xianghou Zinjiang Hu 5 months ago

    What are your recommendations on growing Desert Gold, Mid Pride, May Pride, and Florida prince? Are these good verities for the valley? (I know you mentioned Florida prince is but what about the others?)

  • Perfect in Ar-Zone 5 months ago

    What about in the Verde Valley? Will these grow in the Sedona area? TY

  • americanwillow 5 months ago

    Are there any fruit trees that you would not plant next to a house or other foundation?

  • Good video. Be careful not to go too deep. I go a little deeper here, but only to remove some of the larger caliche…breaking thru that layer for better drainage. But I backfill with largely native soil. I also use less amendments—most of it on the top, as nature does it. Before you backfill, you can circle the whole with a thin layer of Hydrogen Peroxide. It will later minorly "assist" the roots to break out of that hole into the native soil. But I agree with the width, at minimum. Everyone gets it wrong, though. It's Flordaprince . Not Florida Prince. No "i"

  • Mari's Vegetable Garden 5 months ago

    Another great video Thank you

  • David Welty 5 months ago

    My father taught me the same. He said “$20.00 tree $40.00 hole”.

  • bud row 5 months ago

    That's a very good peach variety. Great video.

  • Luca Valente 5 months ago

    I've been looking for a Florida Prince in Tucson. Where can I get one?? I'd be willing to go to PHX if necessary!

  • david horst 5 months ago

    Great video. I bought a Florida prince and beauty plum based on your previous videos. Both doing wonderfully.

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