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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote AD Negi is a retired bureaucrat. He has voluntarily planted and nurtured a 65 ha of lush green forest in a cold dessert area of Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh. Video Rating: / 5


  • Vincent Chan 1 year ago

    We need more people like him, people who care. Thanks for sharing.

  • Bry1284 1 year ago

    My apologies for my earlier post…no excuse for being rude to believers.

  • Anwesha Misra 1 year ago

    He is an individual. I wish more individual like him to come forward and take up the challenge. This way we could do our own nation healthy and beautiful.

  • Pinkesh Bajaria 1 year ago

    Great effort… Great Man…

  • queen brunette 1 year ago

    Why would people dislike this video, seriously? What is wrong with humanity these days?

  • Winston Seejattan 1 year ago

    Simply phenomenal.

  • Kekhrie Chaya 1 year ago

    Proud of you Baba Negi!!!
    I hope those uncivilised Indians won't come n spoil the environment u've created with garbages ..

  • duncanmarlow 1 year ago

    Okay team, let's go!

  • Teabone Bones 1 year ago

    "It's a shame that selfless dedication shown by people like Mr. Negi is not recognized"……………..
    It is too bad that people who make sacrifices like Mr. Negi are not recognized for their great efforts, and China has shown the way in land reclamation for a number of years and we do not always hear about those efforts. Imagine recognition for such serious work at the Kennedy awards instead of some old professional entertainer.

    In the end realistically, all of this work at present rates will be consumed and over whelmed with the next billion people.

  • Bry1284 1 year ago


  • margaret fry 1 year ago

    He and countless others deserve a scientific Nobel prize.

  • Ero Chacho 1 year ago

    Amazing. Id like to know If this forest would be able to sustain itself If the man left. I hope It is not just an artificial oasis, and It can be the beginning of a reforestation.

  • Juan Silva 1 year ago

    A true example for us to follow.

  • Luis Gil 1 year ago

    Very good

  • Hasan Ali Qadri 1 year ago

    At least our government should make him environmental adviser as he has such a vast knowledge of our nature which is being eroded day by day due to human destruction.

  • Monishad Mukundan 1 year ago

    ANAND Dhawaj Negi, Stay always Blessed and Young.

  • Kim Jakab 1 year ago

    This is called dedication, which is at this level out of reach for 90% (including me) of the world population unfortunately. He's a legend and defenately knows how to make difference without huge economic resources! Impressive!

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